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Skyterra Wellness is not your typical fitness program or retreat center.

The Skyterra mission is to serve the whole health of the individual. They believe that healthy living is not just for the out-of-shape or the elite, it is for everyone.  For this reason, Skyterra imagined that their brand would go beyond their on-site wellness center and extend into the digital world for everyone to access. Greenstone Media and Skyterra worked together on the Skyterra Interactive Mobile App, that delivers curated health education specific to the need of each user.

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The Big Picture:

Design and develop a mobile app that will help Skyterra clients maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Challenges & Objectives

User Engagement Strategy

Tailored Content for Assessed User

Simple Interface for all Technical Abilities

Increase Traffic and Brand Exposure

Moving Forward:

After a discovery phase that revealed the project’s challenges and objectives, we created a road map that led us to the final solutions.

1.1 Designed For Each User
Figure 1.1
Gamefication 1.2
Figure 1.2

User Engagement Strategy

A key measurement of success will be if clients are using the app regularly. Skyterra Interactive is designed to help establish healthy habits. For this reason regular user engagement is essential.

We tackled this through a series of solutions:

1. Designed for Each User

We implemented an algorithm and user assessment to curate content specifically for each user’s interests and needs. See Figure 1.1.

2. Customize the Experience

We created a “Save to Library” so favorite content will always be easy to re-access.

3. Gamification

We incorporated activity tracking that adds and depreciates points based upon activity or inactivity when completing health tasks. See figure 1.2.

4. Push Notifications

We added several push notifications to congratulate users on their progress, to remind them when new content has been added to their list, and to encourage them to keep going if they appear to be less active.

Mobile Simplicty
Figure 2.1

Tailored Content

The makers of Skyterra are aware that one health approach will not fit everyone’s needs. Users excel in certain areas but will need extra assistance in other areas. Our challenge was to automate a curated health advice system to deliver content based on each user’s specific strengths and weaknesses.

We solved this problem with these solutions:

1. Implement Assessment Test

With the help of Skyterra’s brilliant team, we created a simple 15-question assessment test that evaluates each user’s strengths and weaknesses.

2. Feed Algorithm

A sophisticated algorithm filters the Skyterra content database to show only winning information for that specific user. Each user will have a unique “My Feed” displaying the most relevant content for their health. See figure 2.1.

3. Evolves as the User Does

As the user continues to use Skyterra Interactive, their proficiency in areas of health will improve and their feed will adjust content based on their most recent progress.

Simple Interface 3.1
Figure 3.1

Simple Interface for All Users

Regardless of size or age, Skyterra strongly believes that everybody should be supported to practice healthy habits. In order to accommodate to all technical ability, we implemented different strategies for quick learning and easy use.

1. Confirmed Interactions

Iconography is great for many situations, but oftentimes iconography paired with call to action text draw the most clarity. When users mark an event, the icon color and button text change to show confirmed action. See figure 3.1.

2. User Walkthroughs

A simple three-step account registration process sets users up quickly and directs them to take the assessment test and set up their profile.

3. Simple and Consistent UI

The navigation is all held within five core sections of the app. The navigation is consistently available for all sections of the app.

Marketing Website Design 4.1
Figure 4.1

Increase Traffic and Conversions

Skyterra Wellness' company website was falling short of their traffic and conversion goals. We were asked to refine their digital marketing efforts and upgrade the website to perform better in organic & paid search.

This is what we did to increase their conversions.

1. Website Restructure & On-Page SEO

Keywords and keyword research is an important part of any digital marketing effort. On a website that effects everything from the navigation structure to the copy and it is important to have a comprehensive plan in place. For Skyterra's website we not only implemented a site wide keyword strategy but also redesigned and reorganized the content in order to present the user with a clear picture of Skyterra's amazing wellness program.

2. AdWords Campaigns

Utilizing Google's best practices we optimized their active campaign using negative keywords, text ad optimizations, ad extensions and keyword refinement. Our efforts resulted in a decrease of wasted spending, increase in their ad quality score, click through rate and conversions.  We then deployed re-marketing campaigns and created new campaigns and ad groups to further refine their paid advertising efforts.

The Right Message:

Armed with strategy and solutions, the Greenstone Team moved forward to design the tasks at hand. 



Skyterra Web Design

Prepared for Growth:

With a fully optimized new website, strategic marketing campaigns, and a mobile app that is like personal coach, Skyterra took their business to the next level.




77% Increase in Goal Completions


50% reduction in projected wasted ad expenses.


A doubled AdWord Performance grade


"Greenstone Media has been an amazing partner in the management of our hosting services and website.  They approach each new project and request for adjustment with our true best interest in mind. For example, upon reviewing the hosting configuration set up by an alternate vendor for, Greenstone was able to reduce our hosting fee by half, saving us $400 monthly or $4,800 annually.  Also, the service level of this company is phenomenal!!!!!  Greenstone responds to and resolves our many requests within 24 to 48 hours of communication and keeps us informed every step of the way.  Greenstone is your best bet for web services in Western North Carolina."

Jennifer Roberts

Park Ridge Hospital

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"We hired Greenstone Media to develop an integrated website and online report center. We found them to be professional, creative, efficient, and reliable. I would definitely use them again!"

Rhonda Harper

Penrose Senior Care Auditors

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"We loved working with the creative talents of Greenstone Agency and Nathan Silsbee in re-design of our Bend of Ivy Lodge website! Greenstone was knowledgeable, creative and responsive. Our website launch was successful, tested and on-time. Thanks, Nathan and Greenstone!"

Susan Walters

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Everyday Gourmet

“Working with Greenstone Media has been easier than I could have ever anticipated. Branding was quite daunting for me and I was struggling in developing an image and website to define my company. I knew what type of style I wanted but couldn’t communicate an actual image to build from. I was smitten with the first creative provided to me and couldn’t believe how well my vague desires had been illustrated in a logo. I was also thankful that my minor edits were welcomed and encouraged to insure complete satisfaction. Greenstone is an approachable “one-stop shop” for my creative and website needs that I am delighted to have a working relationship with.”

Alisia Parrott

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"Chase and the Greenstone Team did an outstanding job. He is extremely responsive and always put our best interests first. In our opinion Chase has proven himself to be completely honest and has the highest integrity"

Ray Garruto

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