Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber is a partnership of over 2,000 businesses and organizations that share and work toward common goals of supporting the community.

Client Needs

  • A dynamic report builder for site visitors
  • A sidebar that displays various types of content, such as static, dynamic, editable and non-editable
  • A menu that not only displays the navigation but also gives users a quick preview with an image before they go to the page
  • Integration of third-party services including a business directory, events and membership transactions. These services are housed on a different server and in a different programming language.
  • Utilization of the client’s healthy social media presence
  • The ability to highlight certain events on the home and section landing pages with the flexibility to point to internal or external pages


  • A database system to track, graph and display all of their reports that could be easily edited by a user who doesn’t need full admin privileges. The reports could be chosen a la carte by the users and then exported as a printable PDF or an Excel spreadsheet.
  • A system that handles all sidebar content the same but still allows the client flexibility to update it
  • A mega menu system that is functional, aesthetically pleasing and easy for the client to update and reorder
  • We removed the outer theme from the client’s third-party remote pages and wrapped them in a frame on the main site. We then passed data to the remote pages so we could still have control and searchability.
  • A video and image gallery that pulls in the media the client already created on YouTube and Flickr
  • A system that allows them to feature any content they liked even if it was external