Why Successful Companies Invest in Strong Storytelling

Story. It’s in the music, the movies, the seasons; heck, it may even be in the water. There isn’t a place story isn’t, And if there isn’t a story, the humans are known for making one up. Story orders reality, gives meaning, offers perspective, and, around the right friends, you might even say that story…

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The 3 Best PPC Channels for Attracting New Customers

the 3 best ppc channels for attracting customers

Looking to attract new customers? If you plan on staying in business, the answer is probably yes. The trick is finding those customers, and finding the right customers to target in the first place. The good news for you is that the best Pay Per Click (PPC) channels can make this whole process downright easy.…

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Content Marketing Mistakes that are Tanking Your Conversions


Content marketing is a tough nut to crack. Your content needs to be entertaining, useful and engaging, all while subtly working to convert users. Without effective content, you have little chance of successfully marketing your products or services. With all that rests on the quality of your content, there are a lot of ways you…

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Marketing Xpand Fest: An Infographic

online Marketing

As a recent graduate from UNCA and having majored in Art and New Media, I usually approached projects from a designer’s perspective. However, this was the first time I started looking at a design from a marketing perspective. I recently created an infographic for a company that provides arts and therapeutic opportunities for underserved individuals…

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10 Reasons your Organization Needs a Mobile Application


10 Reasons your Organization Needs a Mobile Application “87% of smartphone owners turn to search first in a moment of need.” Google tells us that a positive experience with your brand leads to more sales. Your organization can have the first opportunity to help your customer through your positioning on the platform that users to…

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Schema wrapping WordPress content using and SEO

schema markup

What is is a means for web masters to structure data so that search engines will understand what the content deals with, and how it’s organized, allowing for more control of the ways that content will be displayed to anyone who performs a related search.  Schema “wrapping” is also a way for search…

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Designing with Sketch

Designing with Sketch

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson So I took a break from Photoshop. Yes, I still want to increase my Photoshop skills out of personal interest and as a part of the Continuing Education side of Greenstone, but I have found another…

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Continuing Ed: Never Stop Learning!

Continued Education in the workplace

Better Yourself. Better Your Work. One of the many advantages of working in the digital world, is the seemingly bottomless pit of skills and tools that one can learn, and even master. We’re all pretty aware that top names like Apple, Google, and Facebook are always rolling out new devices or updated technologies and user…

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2016 Regional Business Expo – Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce


Great Times, Great People, Great Networking. We – Greenstone Media – had a great time partaking in the 2016 Regional Business Expo. An event hosted by Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce, Henderson County Chamber of Commerce, NC, and Brevard/Transylvania Chamber of Commerce. First we’d like to give a shout out to the folks at the Asheville…

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What’s the Future of Mobile Applications?

Computer V.S. Cellphone

Years ago, all work done digitally was conducted on a computer, and mobile phones were only used when necessary. Recently, this has not been the case. As phones got smarter, more people started using these devices for work as well as in their daily lives. Every year, smartphone companies release new and improved models, updating…

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