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Do These 3 Things Before You Spend Another Dollar On Marketing

Without a message your customer understands, every dollar you spend on marketing is a waste. Most companies think it’s just a matter of time until their online presence starts “working,” when in fact they won’t be connecting with their ideal buyer persona anytime soon. Why? Because people don’t buy products they can’t understand. If it isn’t clear, it’s costing you, and in this blog we’ll talk about the three things you can do to clarify your message so the right people visit and buy.

Show Them What Life Could be Like If They Worked With You 

If you can show your customer what their life will be like after using your product, they’ll follow you to that end result. Hair loss companies show you before and afters, shampoo companies show you models with smooth, silky hair.. You get the point. Show your customer what they’ll be like after using your product. They won’t be able to get a better version of themselves out of their minds. 

Practical: Are your success stories where your customers brag on you? If so, make sure you have set up your testimonials this way: 

  1. What problem did they have? 
  2. How did you solve it? 
  3. What were the results?

This will help your ideal customer clearly see what working with you is like on the other side. If they see other people getting their problem solved and seeing success, it will quicken them to do business with you. Again, if a qualified lead can see what working with you will do for them, they’ll be much more likely to buy. 

Talk About the Problem

The first step to transforming customer’s lives with your product is identifying their problem. If you don’t articulate what it is, how it makes them feel, and what the problem leads to, you won’t convert many customers. People don’t buy pretty websites, or “Integrity and Excellence”. While it looks good, people buy solutions to problems. Your customer is scanning the web looking for something/someone to solve their problem. They won’t know what problem you solve unless you talk about it. 

Practical: Make a list of the problems your customer faces. Write down how it makes them feel and what happens if they don’t fix it. You will pull from this list for every piece of marketing collateral you make. It’s an invaluable list because if you’re not talking about your customers problem world, they aren’t listening.

When we started communicating this at our company, it looked something like:

“Most companies don’t have the in-house resources they need to deliver marketing for revenue growth. Short-staffed marketing teams try to wear all the hats but they just can’t seem to pull it off quarter after quarter. It leaves them feeling overwhelmed, and kind of like they’re failing. It doesn’t have to be this way. Your short-staffed marketing team should have a bigger team so they can accomplish the goals the company has for the year. With an extension of your marketing team, you will be able to finally reach those revenue goals, and you’ll have the time and energy to deliver on your favorite parts of marketing your company.”

Before that we were talking about our products and expecting to understand why they needed them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

People don’t buy products. They buy solutions to problems. It must be spelled out for them. Not because they’re stupid, but because they’re not going to waste their time figuring out how you help.  It’s shocking the amount of companies that don’t have defined buyer personas, and therefore, don’t clearly articulate who they help. They try to talk to everyone about their product, and end up not adequately talking to anyone.

Call Them To Action

If you’re going to transform your customer’s life with your product, you have to call them to action. It’s unreal how many home pages out there have traded “buy now” buttons for “learn more.” Please! As if anyone has half an hour to spend on your website. No you must get clear here, because if you haven’t, it’s costing you. You wouldn’t want to know how many people have come to your site, needed your help, but couldn’t get it because you weren’t clear with your call to action. If you can clarify your message and make your purchasing process frictionless, it’s going to show in your revenue! The plan to do business with you should be clear (Meet and Make a Marketing Plan, Put the Plan in Place, Enjoy The Results), and it should be easy to get started with the plan. A call to action should appear 6-8 times on your home page alone, and some form of CTA should be in every piece of marketing collateral you create.


If you clarify your marketing message, your customer will listen. If your content calls your ideal customer to action, you’ll experience the conversions you’ve been waiting to get online. It shouldn’t be difficult to have digital marketing success, and fortunately it isn’t. Need help setting up your online presence for next-level revenue? Clarity shouldn’t be difficult to achieve, and Greenstone Media helps companies pull off next-level marketing as an extension of their marketing team. Let’s meet and make a plan! Here’s a link to our calendar! 

Blake Crawford

Blake is the Creative Director here at Greenstone Media. He helps companies tell the story their customers need to hear. When he isn't working, Blake enjoys hiking, playing guitar, and writing songs.