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Five Ways You Can Delight Your Customers This Holiday Season

We all like to feel appreciated, and there’s no better way to turn customers into repeat customers than by saying, “We appreciate you.” Without “them,” there would be no “you.” (It also doesn’t hurt to provide good products and services!) We’ve put together some customer appreciation ideas to help you show the love this holiday season.


1. Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String


This one may seem obvious – giving a small gift to customers who you do business with during December is a great added touch to your sales. If the customer has to step foot into your business or office for their appointment, give them a candy cane, a koozie, or a coffee mug they can keep. The same goes if your business model is one where you visit the customers at their home – give them the small gift, or leave some goodies behind if they are not present, along with a business card.


2. Be Your Customers’ Christmas Carolers


Although it may be more effort than some other ideas, it’s FUN! Send a holiday-themed video to your clients to show off your business’ personality and brighten their day. You can create a parody to a simple song such as “Jingle Bells,” or create your short song and dance. Dress in holiday attire for the video shoot, or perhaps create a cartoon version of your company. You can send the video via email to your current customers’ contact emails on file. You may never live it down, but you will certainly make them smile.


3. Host a Holiday Contest – With Rewards


Social media is a great tool to leverage this customer-appreciation tactic. This one works two-fold as well – get involved with your current customers and show your appreciation for them while also getting free publicity from them (this still won’t get you on the naughty list). Your prize can be a coupon for their next appointment, promotional items with your logo, or perhaps something more substantial like a Yeti cooler (if you’re feeling extra spendy).


4. 12 Days of Customers


12 days of Christmas? What about 12 days of customers (or the whole month)? Spend the month of December showcasing your customers and their products. Help them to tell their stories, how they got started, or maybe highlight one of their products!


5. Random Drawing


Drawings can be another win/win scenario for your marketing. Put your customer’s names in a hat, and each day do a live Instagram or Facebook story for a drawing! Give away different levels of prizes ranging from inexpensive to premium, giving them the incentive to sign on and see what the prize is for each day.

How do you show your customers appreciation? Drop us your ideas and successful ways you appreciate your customers in the comments below!

Blake Crawford

Blake is the Creative Director here at Greenstone Media. He helps companies tell the story their customers need to hear. When he isn't working, Blake enjoys hiking, playing guitar, and writing songs.