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Halloween Blog: The Role Fear Plays In Your Current Sales/Marketing Strategy

It’s amazing how many people wait until a problem gets really bad before they do something about it. Whether it’s a tire rotation, or a new shipping service, humans are historically very resistant to change. More often than not, we have to be MOVED to actually do something that makes our lives better. In Halloween style, we’re going to talk about fear and its role in helping your customer out of their problem and into the solution. 

“If you don’t get this problem solved, you will continue to..”

Your customer needs to know what happens if they don’t do business with you. If they do not know this, they will not buy. People buy products/services when they see what happens if they don’t buy. So, you must articulate the stakes. 

“If you don’t get this problem solved, you will continue to..”

“Leaving this issue unresolved will only lead to more..”

Sentences like these help your customer see what the problem is doing to them and where it leads. If you can help them see that, they will trust you with a solution. 

Creating FOMO so Customers are Called to Action

What will customers miss out on if they don’t do business with you? One of our favorite examples of this is an email request for an eBook. It says, “Download the Ebook,” and the other option they give is, “No thanks, I’ll let my competition get all the help.” It’s something small, but it keeps the stakes in front of your customer. They’re on your site because they have a problem and heard you have a solution. FOMO reminds them why they are there. Your customer has the attention span of a squirrel that just had its second espresso. It is shocking the amount of times people get online and five minutes later they’ve forgotten why they got on. When they get on your site, they have to be reminded why they’re there. So talk about the problem, talk about what happens if they don’t get it fixed, and then call them to do something about it. 


Your customer shouldn’t have to wait until things get bad before they do business with you. They need a guide that reminds them of the problem they’re having, and what they need to do to get it fixed. Just a little bit of fear in your marketing collateral will remind your ideal customer what’s at stake if they don’t do business with you. That’s all they’ll need to take the next step towards a solution.

Blake Crawford

Blake is the Creative Director here at Greenstone Media. He helps companies tell the story their customers need to hear. When he isn't working, Blake enjoys hiking, playing guitar, and writing songs.