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When Your Marketing Team Isn’t Big Enough & What To Do About It

Consumers receive information from more channels every day, making it crucial to attract target markets early to stay ahead of competitors. There is no standard definition for a marketing team as there is no standard format for what a marketing team does. A broad definition would be that whether it is outsourced or in house, the main role of a marketing team is to grow the business by strategically creating content, advertisements, and engaging with the target audience on different social media platforms.


When you start creating your marketing team, think about your needs & goals first. You should map the role of your marketing team then, look at the big picture and see where the marketing team fits. Do you need more social media experts or more graphic designers? Are you going to need media buyers? 


The Problem


Marketing is key to your business’ success. But often, employees wear too many hats. Marketing departments have a lot to juggle: creating a marketing plan, content creation and distribution, replying to messages and engagement on social media, internet, and social media management, and more. It is hardly surprising that an in-house team can’t always get everything done and deliver the results you need. Even the hardest working team is going to drop the ball occasionally, especially if they are missing a skill set or dividing their time among too many projects.


The Solution


The solution? Have an extension to your marketing team. The concept is far from new.  It often saves money and improves quality, and it is starting to look like the future as more and more companies begin to benefit from getting outside help. An extension of your marketing team allows you to have access to a team of experts for a fraction of the cost of hiring similar skillsets. The fixed payments of that extra help may appear to be more expensive at first, but the money saved is almost always higher. The assembly of a modest in-house department is an investment that easily stretches into six figures. It also creates an area of year-round overhead – including retirement benefits, health insurance, vacation pay, etc. Finding quality marketing experts with the right expertise also takes time and money. An extension of your marketing team will save you both.


Another advantage of that extra help is that marketing agencies and freelancers alike have the benefit of working with multiple clients and industries.  They can test with various industries and markets to see what methods are getting the best results!


Lesson: An extension of your marketing team will save you time and money so you can invest in further growth.


Do you need an extension of your marketing team? We would love to discuss how we can help! Give us a call at 828.209.8066 to schedule your free consultation.

Blake Crawford

Blake is the Creative Director here at Greenstone Media. He helps companies tell the story their customers need to hear. When he isn't working, Blake enjoys hiking, playing guitar, and writing songs.