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You understand that social media marketing strategies are essential, regardless of your audience. But, sometimes, Instagram is overlooked as a major platform contender for reaching those B2B targets. As a B2B company, it might not seem that Instagram is an ideal lead-generating resource. Today, we’ll discuss how it can be and why you should incorporate an Instagram strategy in 2020.

Debunking the Millennial Myth

You’re not trying to reach consumers in your B2B space, but it’s important to remember that even B2B marketing means connecting with people. So, instead of focusing on how to target the business customer and audience, try focusing on the employees and decision-makers within those organizations. In 2020, millennials are projected to make up half the workforce, with projected growth of up to 75% by 2025. Where do the millennials go to find relevant content, company information, and corporate and socially responsible partners? They go to the platforms on which they are most comfortable, Instagram. When they open the app, you want to be there with content that makes them better. 

How Your Company Can Make the Shift

Recognizing the need to incorporate Instagram as a prominent social platform for your company is half the battle. Then comes the seemingly daunting task of how to create a viable campaign strategy for your business there. Much like other social audiences, Instagram users are looking for relatable and authentic content. You might be able to extend your other social media messages into Instagram, just to get started. Reworking and sharing some of your current campaigns, into more transparent and conversational messaging can actually be a smooth transition. If your company is putting out regular content online, it is easy to pull from that content and put it into an Instagram-sized post. 

Keep It Visual & Authentic

Remember, Instagram is all about visual supporting content. You may realize the importance of incorporating pictures and videos across other platforms, but with Instagram audiences, it’s mission-critical. Be precise about your images and use high quality, actual shots of your business, services, or products. Showcase your internal teams, your company’s charitable contributions, and community involvement. By highlighting your brand position and social responsibility, you’ll be attracting the B2B decision-makers who look to align with engaging and connected partners.

Take a look at your current social campaigns and create a road map for an Instagram crossover. You can get started now to build your following and audience for 2020. Have fun with it and contact us for more tips and ideas on how to launch your most effective Instagram strategy!