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Growing Well Vs. Growing Fast: 2020 Tips for Sustainable Marketing

If companies will give up growing fast, they can grow well.

Every January, growing fast feels possible. This month a million businesses will hit the metaphorical gym, bench-pressing self-help and rowing toward revenue goals. Yet few of those businesses will ever make it “there.” Ever wonder why that is? In this blog, we debunk a few myths about growth so we avoid burnout and start growing well.

Growing Well Versus Growing Fast

Your target audience needs you to be fully locked in to solving their problems in 2020. While everyone nods their head at the idea, most go back to business as usual when the idea is over. It’s amazing how much time companies spend revolving around their own internal goals and problems instead of around their customer’s needs.

The biggest obstacle for most companies isn’t their lack of knowledge, talent, or revenue. It is that when they look around the world, they are blinded by their own self-interest. It is impossible to desire growing fast and helping your customer. They are incompatible with each other, mostly because impatience and help are enemies, not friends.

The primary difference between growing fast and growing well is patience. You want to connect with 2020 prospects, grow relationships with current clients, and continue working out a repeatable customer experience that will help future clients. Interest in self will not achieve these ends. Want a mantra to live by in 2020?

Impatience has the ability to achieve, but never to sustain. 

Here are some more examples of growing fast versus growing well:

Growing fast prioritizes profit over customer experience, while growing well understands that sustainable profit is the result of prioritized customer experience.

Growing fast means unclear buyer personas (you’ll work for anyone, even though your product/service isn’t for everyone). Growing well on the other hand will have you saying no to who you can’t help so you can give a bigger yes to your target audience.

Growing fast means creating content that you wouldn’t even read, all in the name of, “I know we’re supposed to be putting SOMETHING out there.” Growing well means creating meaningful content that inspires/informs solutions for your target audience.

The Takeaway

Growth is achieved by patience and sustained by persistence. If you want to grow well this year, set goals that benefit others and not just the corporate ego. When the going gets tough, you’ll remember that you’re not doing it for just you, you’re doing it for someone else. That will sustain you. Patience will keep you present with clients, steady with your product/service, and glad you were when you get to 2021.

Blake Crawford

Blake is the Creative Director here at Greenstone Media. He helps companies tell the story their customers need to hear. When he isn't working, Blake enjoys hiking, playing guitar, and writing songs.