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The web as we knew it is over. Once upon a time, we clicked on the Google Chrome app, typed in the first few letters of our favorite site, logged in, and started our experience. In 2019, this process couldn’t be further from the effective truth. No wonder Apple trademarked, “There’s an App for that.”…

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10 Reasons your Organization Needs a Mobile Application “87% of smartphone owners turn to search first in a moment of need.” Google tells us that a positive experience with your brand leads to more sales. Your organization can have the first opportunity to help your customer through your positioning on the platform that users to…

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Computer V.S. Cellphone

Years ago, all work done digitally was conducted on a computer, and mobile phones were only used when necessary. Recently, this has not been the case. As phones got smarter, more people started using these devices for work as well as in their daily lives. Every year, smartphone companies release new and improved models, updating…

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