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New Year, New You: 10 Marketing Mistakes To Leave Behind in 2019

Most people make New Year’s resolutions for their personal lives, but what about their marketing? 

Here are 10 Marketing Mistakes to Leave Behind in 2020:

1. Social media -Leave behind social media as a place to pitch sales.  Thank goodness, we are evolving to a more authentic sales process. Use social media as a place to engage with your customers and become their guide.

2. Sending the same email to everyone – Long gone are the days of blast emailing everyone on your master email list. Think about it, you may have existing clients, prospective clients, and potential clients for various products on the same list. Stop blast emailing everyone and start segmenting your emails.

3. Sending careless emails – We have all been there, pressing send, only to immediately regret it. Stop being careless with your emails. Use proofreading programs like Grammarly or Capterra to check for common spelling and grammar mistakes. Always send a test email to yourself to assure all of the links and images come through correctly. 

4. Fear of being too personal – Don’t be afraid to show clients your personal side. I’m not recommending telling them about your love life or your whole life story, but I am advocating letting them see the real you. 

5. Using excessive stock images – Stop using excessive boring stock images. If you absolutely have to use stock images, use programs like UnSplash or Pexels to use photos by real photographers and not cliche images.

6. Leaving out a call to action – Don’t forget your call to action. Challenge your potential customer to do something. Buy now, sign up today, click here, call us, etc.

7. Leaving out video – Back to being personal. There is a significant place for video in the future of marketing. Live videos, social media story videos, and edited professional videos. These are the perfect forum for your clients to see authenticity from you. This is where you can really express your personality and connect with your viewers.

8. Winging it – Make a plan and stop throwing a bunch of stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks. Do your research and have a methodical plan of action. 

9. Fear of asking for email address – A targeted email list may be your most valuable asset. Quit being afraid to ask your target client for their email address! Offer them a discount, an e-book, or a token of appreciation if it makes you feel better, but don’t be afraid to ask! 

10. Avoiding analytics – In this day and age, we have analytics that can tell us everything from age to income. Your website, social media pages, and email lists are FULL of customer information – stop ignoring it.  Use this information to segment your lists and hyper-focus your emails specifically to their needs!

Today’s buyers are looking for new experiences when they go online, and for many, that means greater interactivity. In fact, a whopping 91% are seeking more visual and interactive content. There are several reasons for this:

  • Interactive content is different and new, and as such, it stands out more.
  • This type of content serves to keep visitors on your page longer.
  • Interactive content is immensely shareable, and when users share this content, it helps to grow awareness of your brand.
  • Simply put, interactive content is more engaging. Users enjoy it more than other content.

Don’t be afraid to STAND OUT in 2020! Need help avoiding marketing mistakes and seeing results? We can help, give us a call at 828.209.8066. Happy New Years!

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Blake Crawford

Blake is the Creative Director here at Greenstone Media. He helps companies tell the story their customers need to hear. When he isn't working, Blake enjoys hiking, playing guitar, and writing songs.