Conference Mobile App


While everyone knows that conferences are an excellent way to educate employees, gather up potential customers and to exchange ideas with other industry peers, Greenstone Agency also understands that conferences are an industry in themselves. Supplying your attendees with a feature-laden, optimized, turn-key experience is a great way to keep them coming back year after year and to establish your conference as theresource for a given industry. Our Conference Mobile app package is aimed at making your attendee’s experience as rewarding as possible. This package includes the following features…

  • A branded presence in the appropriate app stores with new mobile market SEO benefits
  • A new talking piece and visual imagery for your current web presence or general marketing campaign
  • An included QR reader that has been optimized for speed and ease of use (great for tagging attendee badges, company booths or general-use business cards and materials handed out at the conference)
  • The ability to import your existing conference facilities map
  • The ability to plug in specific points on the map that would represent real-world QR tag points for booths/rooms
  • The ability to plug in small, visual and text tags for specific booths/rooms (great for sponsor locations)
  • The ability to tag booths/rooms you’ve been at and have yet to go to either in a map or in a list format
  • The ability to view the conference schedule or agenda
  • The ability for your attendees to RSVP for conference events (helpful for the event speakers and other attendees to gain an idea of who will be where and if an event might be helpful for them)
  • The ability to view profiles for attending companies, individuals and events
  • The ability for attendees to request digital conference/sales materials from attending companies or other attendees (great opportunity to cut down print waste)
  • The ability for attendees to request a meeting with one another (great for networking)




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