Distributors Mobile App

Your distribution network is vast and the retailers within your market territories deal every day with your competition. So peripheral support services and the delivery of successful and dynamically updated regional product lines is key to setting you apart. Under most circumstances, distributors can only work with whatever data the manufacturer provides or any additional data its client’s customers offer up via voluntary interaction with your website. Our Distributors App package is designed to offer multiple streams of client data for your distribution business – clear and precise information such as which products are preferred by which tier group, when and where these products were tagged for more information, etc. Our Distributors App package features…

  • A branded presence in the appropriate app stores with new mobile market SEO benefits
  • A new talking piece and visual imagery for your distributor site and newsletter
  • A map with the ability to plug in specific points that would represent outlets for specific products
  • The ability to import your existing product catalog
  • The ability to track user interest for a specific product and relate it to a particular retail outlet and time
  • The ability for a user to share a specific product you distribute with their Facebook or Twitter followers