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Website Design & Development

Rinehart Racing now has a Responsive Website Design after Greenstone Media made it for them


Rinehart Racing® is the leader in performance aftermarket exhaust systems for Harley-Davidson® and Indian Motorcycles.

An Asheville-based company with a global reach and legendary proven performance, Rinehart Racing strives to continually reinvent the experience of the motorcycle. From full systems and headers to slip-on mufflers and end caps, each part is made with passion to provide top quality and performance for every rider.

rinehart racing air cleaner


An ever-expanding customer base brought with it the need for a more user-friendly website and dealer portal, as well as an online presence that reflected their growing brand.

Increase new customer sales & new dealer sign-ups

Inspire return customers & repeat dealer orders

Reliable functionality (less breaks & bugs)

Consistent brand message


Greenstone updated Rinehart’s eCommerce platform and dealer portal to reflect a modern look, consistent brand messaging, and intuitive shop to cart experiences. Lifestyle promotion and social media integration played a part in reflecting a sense of community and trust through their online presence.

WordPress + WooCommerce

Easier content & product management
Streamline dealer account management
Optimized wholesale ordering form

PLEX + Authorize.net Integrations

  • Increased ordering automation
  • Accurate inventory data
  • Credit card processing and pre-authorization


Rinehart Racing’s strong and growing community of partners, dealers, and customers is supported by reliable platforms and technologies. Now, their website and dealer portals properly promote the Rinehart Racing brand.

An eCommerce site that guides customers to easily make a purchase

Dealers can build and submit bulk or repeat orders with ease

Rinehart’s online presence properly reflects the prestige of their brand

The website and portal can now grow alongside the business

Before & After

What Our Clients Are Saying

Our user base has doubled since working with them, and with the new initiatives we're launching we anticipate triple-digit growth again next year.

Andrew Jacobson

1800 MD