Our Team


There are decades of combined experience on the Greenstone Media team.

We have a back-end database architect, an enthusiastic React native mobile developer, a master of everything WordPress, a savvy graphic and web designer, a Google-certified AdWord marketing guru, a SEO expert, a Shopify fanatic, a rapid web app Laravel extraordinaire, a great-gulping front-end engineer, a user experience activist, a business development specialist and a lot of visionary digital leadership that has landed the Greenstone Media Team the Sky High Growth Award.

Our central co-working location keeps us in the know with latest tech community news. When we find some downtime we try to enjoy the beautiful Asheville mountains, the local brews and the flourishing art culture.


Nathan Silsbee

Founder & President
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Nathan is an Asheville native and has been involved in digital media projects for over 10 years. He prides himself on developing stand out solutions for a variety of businesses and their relevant needs. Since Nathan founded Greenstone Media, the company has grown to become one of the premiere custom software and digital marketing agencies in the region, experiencing exponential growth since it's inception. Nathan's business background includes leading various design and development strategies in different industries, including eCommerce, drone/aerial media, and digital marketing. He has an acute sense for recognizing unique opportunities for his clients and delivering stand-out solutions that catalyze online growth and engagement. Nathan attended University North Carolina at Asheville for Multimedia and Interactive Design.


Chase Highley

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Chase Highley is a North Carolina native proud to call Asheville home. Chase works directly with clients to deliver premium products for their business needs. This includes innovative marketing and tech solutions, state-of-the-art websites and SEO marketing strategies. Chase enjoys meeting with new clients, carefully listening to their businesses needs and goals, and championing their vision. Since 2014, Chase has helped over a 100 businesses meet and surpass their web marketing goals, and redefine their social media and SEO initiatives. When hes not crushing it for his clients, he enjoys hiking with his wife, and golfing with his buddies. Chase attended Warner University under a Dean and Golf Scholarship and received a Business in Finance Degree.


Daniel Hensley

Chief Technology Officer
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Daniel is Greenstones CTO and full stack senior developer. He has built a multitude of successful mobile and web projects. He enjoys learning new technologies and pursues each project with enthusiasm and passion. In the past, Daniel has worked as a one-man full stack developer and has single handedly built several custom applications, and serviced dozens of robust eCommerce shops. Daniel has a background in Computer Science and electronics engineering and works primarily with mobile development tools, PHP and Javascript. When he isn’t building the next best web product, he’s out playing Disc Golf or automating the real world with micro controllers.


Greta Anderson

Product Strategist
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Greta is a project specialist with a passion for usability through beautiful and functional solutions. Her strength is in creating strategies for clients by developing a deep understanding of their unique services and goals for growth. Her background is in Graphic Design and has worked as a branding strategist and web designer for a variety of small businesses and organizations. Greta joined the Greenstone team just upon completing a web development intensive course and has a lot to offer with her user-minded thinking and her design + web development skill set. Greta received her BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut.


Peter Ferrigan

Digital Marketing Manager
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Peter is a certified Google Partner who helps clients harness the power of digital media marketing to drive profits. In the past he has used PPC & SEO to raise funds for international real estate funds then competing and winning business in NY's diamond district. Peter lives in East Asheville with his wife of 8 years and small dog named Chester. He enjoys reading about technology and furthering his programming skills.

Michael Burgin

Full Stack Developer
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Michael is an Asheville area native with a passion for the internet and with more than six years’ experience in web and mobile development.  Recently, Michael has focused primarily on the back-end and structural aspects of development, and he’s put together several sites and mobile applications with varying degrees of complexity.  When he’s not busy coding, Michael enjoys philosophy, music, and following baseball.  He’s also an avid reader and is a long-time member of one of the coolest book clubs in town.


Steve Jamesson

Full Stack Developer
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Ty Hallock

Lead Architect
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Ty is someone who has an insatiable desire to learn about how the world works and how people relate and interact in that world. Ty serves on the boards of the IT council of Asheville, A-B Techs Business Computer Technologies Department, and the American Advertising Federation of Asheville. A pivotal player on Greenstones team, Ty works tirelessly to bridge the gap between Greenstones core offerings and the important needs of Greenstones clients in various industries. Ty holds a degree in Digital Media from Full Sail.

Amanda Highley

Project Manager
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Amanda Highley is proud to call North Carolina her home state. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art Education as well as a Masters in Library Science. In her spare time Amanda loves to explore the outdoors with her husband, try out a new restaurant in Asheville (there are so many!), or cozy up with a good book. She has experience with WordPress and Shopify. Her background as a Media Coordinator fosters her ability to work collaboratively with others and to see where needs can be met.


Elizabeth Mosher

Digital Marketing Assistant
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Elizabeth is a graphic designer and digital marketing assistant who enjoys both the creativity and analytics involved in her work. Her competitive, yet humble personality allows her to take on many different challenges while striving to be better and delivering the latest and greatest to clients. As a mother and student at Western Carolina University she has faced many challenges, overcoming each and building a very strong work ethic in the meantime

It is her goal here to continue learning more in both Digital Marketing and Graphic Design, and to hold a prominent place on the Greenstone team.



Jared Tyson

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Jared is a highly dedicated graphic-web designer and front-end developer with ten years experience in the field. With a passion in user interface design he handcrafts every user experience from start to finish. Over the last few years Jared has had the opportunity of working on a wide variety of projects, expanding his extensive knowledge and technical skills. Jared holds a degree in Graphic Design from Spencerian College.


Travis Cole

Business Development
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An innovative leader with 18 years of experience growing businesses & nonprofit organizations from infancy to maturation in Charlotte, NYC and now Asheville. He has a wealth of experience in leadership, building programs, bolstering public relations, collaborating with strong teams, strategic planning and raising capital. Travis is an Asheville native who loves spending time exploring the great outdoors with his wife and kids.

Brian Hennessy

Project Manager
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Born in the wilds of the Appalachia, Brian loves to call Asheville his hometown. He graduated from UNCA with a Bachelor of Arts in Classics ( It’s not all Greek to him). Learning is his passion. So after completing the Code Immersion course in Ruby on Rails through Tech Talent South, he has found the rabbit hole that is software development and design.  A slight perfectionist, he won’t stop until any undertaking is utterly completed.


Shea Buckner

Full Stack Developer
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Shea is a web and application developer, and has attended UNCA and AB Tech. He has an Associates degree in Web Technologies from AB Tech. Shea enjoys problem solving, editing HTML, writing books on HTML, and generally tackling anything the Greenstone team throws at him!

During his free time, you can usually find him trying to stay fit, running his eBay store, working on his latest project, relaxing with his family or just trying to make the world a better place by helping others.


Elizabeth Evans

Project Manager
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Bio coming soon

Tom Garrison

Front-End Developer
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Tom is a Michigan native with a deep passion for the mountains and all things code. He has 10 years experience in front-end programming languages. Tom is a Galvanize/gSchool graduate where he honed his skills and knowledge with Node, Express, Postgresql, and Angular. When he's not coding you can find Tom at a nearby crag climbing. Tom is a Single Pitch Instructor through the AMGA, and an NOLS Wilderness First Responder. He is a self-proclaimed CSS guru that loves challenging himself to design and develop modern and responsive web applications.

Emily Cotter

Project Manager
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Emily hails from Mercer University, land of the Bears, who Beat Duke That One Time. At work, she combines her background in Sociology and Anthropology with more recently acquired Web Development skills to communicate effectively with clients while working on their websites. When she's not working you can find her DIYing and watching Parks and Recreation, strolling through record stores, or checking out one of the many breweries in Asheville.


Sarah Ney

Project Manager
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Sarah attended university for English and Religious Studies in Pennsylvania, and is now working in Software Development after taking immersive bootcamps. Sarah tackles each project with a fierce work ethic and is always eager to learn more. She calls Asheville her home with her adorable cat, Kitten, and her pug, Elvis. Sarah enjoys mountain biking, reading, and drinking well-brewed coffee. After a unanimous vote, she was decided to be the most stylish person in the office.



Chief Information Security Officer
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Originally from a farm just outside of Fort Collins, Colorado, Waldo has 56 (dog) years experience in morale boosting and affection seeking. As a strategic team member, Waldo has an insatiable desire to herd mammals and can be seen lounging around the office, staring at squirrels out the window, or listening to mobile application framework discussions. He also performs a routine review of the kitchen floor for edible discrepancies as a result of daily consumption.

In his free time he enjoys chasing tennis balls and swimming in Lake Kenilworth. He also enjoys hanging out with his dopey brother Pippin, and is patiently tolerant of Pippin's overzealous antics and constant need for attention from anyone that will give it to him.