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In Response to COVID-19 – Greenstone Media

What does COVID-19 mean for Greenstone Media? We wanted to reach out and share with you what we are doing in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in order to ensure service continuity. Our two priorities right now are providing continued and uninterrupted service to our customers and maintaining the…

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Valentine's Marketing

Solving the “What Do You Do?” Question for Better Dates and Better Business

Disclaimer: Your date doesn’t want to know all about you today, and neither does your target audience.  It’s interesting how the same mistake most people make in dating, they also make with their marketing. Every great and lasting relationship, business or not, depends on a mutual level of curiosity. Without…

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Designing with Sketch

A Formula for Email Subject Lines that your Target Audience will Open

To open or not to open…  It’s been said many times that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but let’s face it, you don’t get a second chance at a first impression. When it comes to your marketing email, no one seems to have a problem with making…

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When Your Marketing Team Isn’t Big Enough & What To Do About It

Consumers receive information from more channels every day, making it crucial to attract target markets early to stay ahead of competitors. There is no standard definition for a marketing team as there is no standard format for what a marketing team does. A broad definition would be that whether it…

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Why Your Company Should Start a Blog in 2020

Is blogging still a thing?    Blogging started initially as a creative outlet for many aspiring writers- think food bloggers, travel bloggers, and parenting bloggers. Now it’s a staple marketing tool used by businesses in all industries, as a way to communicate with their audience. 68% of marketers believe that…

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The Seinfeld Effect: What Jerry Seinfeld Taught Us About Making Great Marketing Collateral

Sometimes an idea seems so out there that we talk ourselves out of pursuing the concept by telling ourselves that there must be a reason why no one else has done it. NBC took a chance on “Seinfeld”, literally creating a show about nothing  – this is proof you can…

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The Effective Marketing Checklist for 2020

Now that the last few hectic months of 2019 have officially ended, business owners should prioritize by reassessing their processes, systems, and goals. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new year and forget about the importance of planning and preparation. However, it is crucial…

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Growing Well Vs. Growing Fast: 2020 Tips for Sustainable Marketing

If companies will give up growing fast, they can grow well. Every January, growing fast feels possible. This month a million businesses will hit the metaphorical gym, bench-pressing self-help and rowing toward revenue goals. Yet few of those businesses will ever make it “there.” Ever wonder why that is? In…

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New Year, New You: 10 Marketing Mistakes To Leave Behind in 2019

Most people make New Year’s resolutions for their personal lives, but what about their marketing?  Here are 10 Marketing Mistakes to Leave Behind in 2020: 1. Social media -Leave behind social media as a place to pitch sales.  Thank goodness, we are evolving to a more authentic sales process. Use…

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Be the Guide, 2020: The Role You’ll Need to Play to Help Customers in 2020

Customers aren’t looking for another hero, they are looking for a guide. When you position your client as the hero and you as their guide, you show them how you can solve their problems. Spiderman had Aunt May, the Karate Kid had Mr. Miyagi, and Marty McFly had Doc Brown.…

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