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The healthcare industry is an ever-shifting and competitive marketplace. Simply having the right tools isn’t a guarantee of gaining market leadership status. Sometimes it’s offering the right tools that makes your facility stand out in the crowd. The Greenstone Media Healthcare Facility App package is designed to address your patient’s/guest’s experience during their visit and to offer tools that would make these guests feel as informed and as much at ease as possible during their personal visit or during their visit with a loved one, all while taking under consideration various compliance restrictions present in most healthcare facilities and while staying beneath a reasonable budget threshold. The Healthcare Facility App package features…

  • A branded presence in the appropriate app stores with new mobile market SEO benefits
  • A new talking piece and visual imagery for your healthcare facility website and newsletter
  • The ability to import your facility map with restrooms, vending, cafeteria, gift shop, waiting areas, etc.
  • A healthcare facility FAQ such as which staff can help them with answers, etc.
  • A medical terminology glossary designed to keep the patients and guests informed and comfortable with what may be a very confusing and stressful period in their lives
  • Dynamic or static visiting hours for a particular patient depending upon their assigned room, etc.

Additional Options

  • A daily guest blog voluntarily updated by the patient or someone on their behalf for families to check in on (this could be drop down status updates such as “I’m feeling great!”)
  • Dietary calculators (Enter weight, height age, sex, and it will output ideal parameters, etc.)
  • Guest family check-in so that the patient can see who is in the waiting room and optionally select who they would like to see
  • Patient updates for newborn and/or guest services updates wherein anyone worldwide with the app can log in and see photos and notes on the newborn

Special package

  • Virtual gift shop for facilities without a gift shop or for particular items to be delivered to a patient directly (ordered via printer or text message to an assigned phone)
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