Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America Licensee Summit App

Mobile App Development / Branding

One of the largest and most prominent US youth organizations, the Boy Scouts of America strives to train youth in character development, personal fitness development, self-reliance, and responsible citizenship. With their focus on helping build the future leaders of this country by combining fun with lifelong values, the Boy Scouts of America have helped youth for over a century.


Mobile Conference Materials

Conference Information all in One Place

Engagement through Interaction


Boy Scouts
  • Content Management

    An easy to manage content system and admin panel was developed for the client to update their information for the conference. 

  • Engaging Graphics

    Complimentary design to fit the overall Boy Scouts of America branding and aesthetic.

  • One Login for Everything

    Created a login portal and user registration to keep attendee information confidential.

Boy Scouts
  • Networking

    A tool for attendee networking and furthering business relationships after the completion of the conference.

  • Aggregation

    User access to the database of consolidated and easily-accessible conference materials and information.

  • Intuitive Navigation

    An easily-navigable interface that engages attendee interest.