Our Process

Over the past eight years, TopFloorStudio has applied and refined the interactive web development process with our clients, taking under consideration the involvement of various partners, creative panels and teams to streamline the process from concept to end user satisfaction.

This six-part cycle is comprised of the following, team-oriented steps:

Discovery: During this initial overview/research phase, we’ll look at your organization’s “pain points” and hunt down the various ways to address them. If the project is within scope (able to be accomplished within the timeline and budget), then we’ll move forward to the next stage of the development cycle. In the rare case that the project is not within scope, we will nevertheless assist you in finding an alternative solution.

Proposal: After reviewing the needs you’ve put forth and uncovering the best solutions to address them, we’ll deliver our proposal or discovery report (depending upon the scale of the project). This encompassing document will lay out our solutions, estimates and timeline, empowering your staff to make an educated decision on which team to partner with.

Planning: Planning of the project is perhaps the most vital stage of a thorough development cycle. Even with proper intent, a poorly planned development cycle is doomed to cascade over other deadlines and fall short of production objectives. A skilled team knows their strengths and limits and will be able to properly utilize this to the advantage of the client.

Production: After having assessed, laid out goals and addressed how best to arrive at them, it comes down to execution. In this ever-changing landscape, you don’t want a static product and similarly, you don’t want a static team to develop it. It is crucial to deploy a team that not only specializes in their abilities, but who also seek out new ways to improve their services and expand upon their capabilities. Over the last decade, we have employed and vetted specialists in various areas of production and are prepared to take on your project.

Promotion: The production is finished, but the finish line hasn’t been crossed. If Public Relations will be employed or a marketing campaign is to be started, this is the phase in which our team will get your organizations’ message to the masses. For this, we may employ passive SEO linking techniques or actively hunt down words that will benefit your organization’s exposure.

Monitoring & Continual Improvement:
While a well-oiled machine will not require constant monitoring, a well-seasoned team knows that there’s always room for improvement (both in the systems employed and in the products & services delivered). We encourage our clients to participate in our iterative development method and our staff to seek ways to make our deliverables better.