Tips for Keep Off of Google’s “Naughty List”

We may not be able to help you get off Santa’s Naughty List, but we do have some tips for staying off of Google’s. If you’re hoping to increase your Google rankings there are many differently ways to go about doing that…including the wrong ones. Over the years Google bots have become smarter, being able to “sniff out” those who are cheating the system. In years past, you may have lost a few privileges for doing so. Not the case anymore. In many instances, sites that cheat the system to increase their Google Rankings are quickly discovered and taken down. Yes, content and all. So, to prevent your site from potentially making Google’s Naughty List we’re providing a few tips and tricks. Sometimes victims of Google’s harsh penalties were innocent, unaware that they had even broken the rules, or that the rules had changed.

  1. Purchasing Links
    • If you are interested in purchasing links from anyone providing SEO services with the intention of increasing rankings in Google, be careful. While there are legitimate services out there that do provide links in the correct way that could drive you up in rankings, there are also many who’s links are spammy or incorrectly structured. These types of links are almost guaranteed to get you caught by Google’s bots, unfortunately resulting (often times) in your site or blog going down.
  2. Joining the Wrong Link Directories
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