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UI/UX WEBSITE DESIGN Crafting Websites Your Customers Can’t Resist


GET Their Attention


Want a website that captures your customer’s hearts and minds? Greenstone Media's team of expert website designers use cutting-edge technology & best practices to craft remarkable digital experiences.


Branding and Style Guides

Studies say you’ve got 50 milliseconds before your customer forms an opinion about you. Here’s to making your brand stick, and quick! The guides are where we clarify your offering and capture the heartbeat and essence of your brand.

UI and UX Prototyping

This is just a fancy way of saying we get into your customer’s minds and craft an intoxicating, irresistible user experience for them. They won’t know why they love your site so much. It can be our little secret.

Mobile Responsiveness

60% of people visit the web via mobile. Here we make sure that when they do, your site is ready to take names.

High Fidelity Mockups

This is where we develop pixel-perfect mock shots for the design process. Visuals for you to get an early peak at what we’re up to with the website.


Our Web Design Process

We take your company’s goals and your customer’s journey to craft an irresistible, intuitive website. Not only is the site aesthetically pleasing, it’s hard-wired to turn visitors into customers.


Research and Discovery

Understand Goals and User Flow

Whatever stage of growth your company is in, you have goals, and you need a website to get you there. During R&D, we research your customer and develop a website THEY will love. While your competitors are bragging about how great they are on their site, yours will be a great help to your customers. Isn’t that why they came?

Greenstone Media works to give companies a marketing plan that works



Wireframes Example

UI and Wireframe Layout Design

In this second phase, we take the goals we set and what we learned about your customer and we lay out a blueprint for the site. That’s what wireframes are: Outline and navigation, the science behind the site. We show you what we have come up with, and explain to you why it will work. Once you agree, we move on to the style and design phase.


Style and Design

Style Guide

Now that your site is structurally sound, it needs some sheen. The style guide ensures a consistent, cohesive aesthetic throughout the site.

Brand Style Guide Greenstone Media

Pixel-Perfect Mockups

Now we can create high-fidelity mockups that preview almost exactly how the site will look online. It’s only been three weeks, and you can already get a look into the shape the site is taking on. Now we’re ready to get this site web-ready.

Vanillawood website


Prepare for Development

All that’s left now is the development process. We have set measurable goals together, we have designed accordingly, and now it is time to actualize the site.

Isn’t it time your marketing efforts made you money?

Companies with great products and services deserve effective marketing that grows their business. Schedule a free consultation with us today, and find out how your company can avoid the marketing mistakes that keep you from growing.

"Our user base has doubled since working with them, and with the new initiatives we're launching we anticipate triple-digit growth again next year."
Andrew Jacobson
CEO, 1800MD

"Greenstone Media helped us get a website that worked! They also responded to and resolved our many requests within 24 to 48 hours of communication and kept us informed every step of the way. Greenstone is your best bet for web services in Western North Carolina."
Jennifer Roberts
Advent Health

"I hired Greenstone Media to develop an integrated website and online report center. I found them to be professional, creative, efficient, and reliable. I will definitely use them again!"
Rhonda Harper
Penrose Senior Care Auditors


"We loved working with the creative talents of Greenstone Media in re-design of our Bend of Ivy Lodge website! The Greenstone team is knowledgeable, creative, and responsive. Our website launch was successful, tested, and on-time. Thanks, Greenstone!"
Susan Walters
Bend of Ivy Lodge

“Working with Greenstone Media has been easier then I could have ever anticipated. Branding was quite daunting for me and I was struggling in developing an image and website to define my company. Greenstone is an approachable “one-stop-shop” for creative and website needs.”
Alisia Parrott
Everyday Gourmet Catering

"The guys at Greenstone Media were responsive, professional, and perfectly captured the aesthetic of my business. My website got the timely refresh it needed and I was very pleased with their work. I would definitely recommend their services to others."
Sync Bodywork

"The Greenstone Media team did an outstanding job. They are extremely responsive and always put our best interests first. In our opinion, the Greenstone team has proven to be completely honest and works with the highest integrity."
Ray Garruto
REEL EZ Boat Cover

“I was hesitant about working with someone from a distance, yet Greenstone Media made it seem easy. They are highly responsive to requests related to website design and WordPress functionality and quick to respond via telephone or email. Easy to talk with and creative in their approach, they helped me move through the design and content creation process with ease. I am delighted with my new website and highly recommend Greenstone Media to help you create yours!”
Emilah Dawn Detoro, M.Ed.
Intuitive Life Coach

“As the owner of multiple businesses I’ve had a unique evolution with web designers. Ultimately, in web design, you get what you pay for and as a young entrepreneur, I learned that with cheap web design you end up eventually discarding the project. We chose Greenstone Media for our media and design work, and have been extremely happy with everything they’ve produced… from the magazine ads to online graphics and web design work. I highly recommend Greenstone for your media and web design needs.”
David Hughes

“Greenstone Media is my favorite software development and digital strategy team and an ideal business partner. Through great information, innovation, and a data-driven approach they consistently deliver on our goals – more customers with less effort, increased goal conversions by 77%, and AdWords performance now up 200%.”
Sue Crowell – CEO & Founder
Skyterra Wellness Retreat

"I was very impressed with the Greenstone Media team and absolutely love my new website. They were quick with development, met my deadline, and stayed within my budget. They were also patient with my "web ignorance" and didn't try to "sell" me a package like a lot of the other thumbtack pros and companies I got quotes from. Thanks to the Greenstone team for helping me with my marketing!"
- Cramer K., Greenstone Client

“Greenstone has been a great company to do business with. They made major improvements/updates to our website and greatly increased our traffic which has translated into more business for us.”

“We hired Greenstone Media to help us design and develop an eCommerce website for our Fishing Charter Business so our customers could book online. The website works great, easy for us to manage, and our customers love how easy it is for them to book online. Later we hired Greenstone to create a marketing plan to help us increase online bookings. They helped us implement the marketing plan and they do SEO and Google Ads for our business. They helped us increase our online bookings by almost 20 bookings in the first month!"