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1800MD now has a responsive website design by Greenstone Media


Around the clock medical advice.

1800MD provides access to various tools that appeal to large group insurance providers. Their core service, Telemedicine, gives doctors direct access to patients through telephone, email and video-chat. They also provide discounts for prescriptions and various other medical needs. They operate business to business, connecting insurance providers and doctors.

1800MD-Telephone Doc


1.800MD needed to increase the features available to their partners by developing a new member portal. This included integrating third-party data and revamping the 1.800MD website. The project also included building a member services portal, securing data importing and exporting, and integrating APIs to expand services. 


Member Services Portal

Secure Data Importing and Exporting

Integrate APIs to Expand Services

Revamp Marketing Website

Member Portal


Develop a Member Services Portal

Integrate with Company API
Our backend developers integrated the 1800MD API into their third party service providers to enable seamless telemedicine services within the web application system.

Customize Group Member Portal
We implemented customizable portal designs that allow individual groups and partners to white label the client login experience.

Third Party Services
We added linking functionality to third party services to give users the ability to find prescription discounts and pharmacy services.

User Error Tracking
Greenstone provides analysis and diagnostic tools for user errors and monitoring.

Data Search and Capture
We developed the functionality to gather user health history and integrated it with a third party service for logically and securely storing the information.


Secure Data Importing and Exporting

Bulk Import
Imported several hundred thousand user records from excel into the web application. We also developed a bulk update functionality for large groups.

Share and Invite
Developed the functionality for users to sign up and create their account with an strategic invitation process.

Data Migration
Extracted and packaged the data from the previous services portal into the newly developed web portal. 

1800MD now has a responsive website design by Greenstone Media


Integrate APIs to Expand Services

New and Expanded Data Integration
Set up centralized and expanded services for members through third party API integrations that were unavailable on the previous platform.

Reporting Services
Set up a download option for data and usage reports.

Scalable Third-Party Access
In order to handle on-demand requests for third party integrations, the team created a quick process to expedite integrating any new data.


Revamp Marketing Website

Front End Design Implementation
The in-house design team provided Greenstone with the web design templates, we implemented the design in a WordPress framework nearly 100% to spec.

Optimized Workflow
Greenstone develops with a WordPress framework that enabled 1800MD to quickly and correctly update their website for speedy and automated workflow.

Using a grid framework, the website's design was translated to be mobile and tablet responsive, using customized code when needed to adapt to special screen sizes.

User Experience
With light animations and bold "call-to-actions", the revamped website makes on-boarding with 1800MD a breeze. 1800MD reported higher conversions and higher satisfaction for their partners using the new website. 

1800md.com_(iPhone 6_7_8 Plus)


With an upgraded customer portal, an increase in data integration capacity, and a new website, 1800MD launched the portal in early 2017 to better serve their clients. Now, in 2020 they have almost a million users that love their platform.


100% Uptime for Website


99% Uptime for Web Application

No speed issues with over 500k+ users

What Our Clients Are Saying

Our user base has doubled since working with them, and with the new initiatives we're launching we anticipate triple-digit growth again next year.

Andrew Jacobson

1800 MD