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Nationwide Retail & Food Service

Canteen provides on-demand market, dining, vending, and coffee solutions to offices, healthcare organizations, universities, hotels and more! Since 1929 Canteen has been bringing break-time to everyone and understands the importance of healthy, varied snack and drink options, excellent customer service, and employee satisfaction.



Canteen's cluttered website made it difficult for visitors to understand how Canteen could help them. Their website highlighted one of their offerings above all the others. They needed a new message that focused on all the different services Canteen provides, without compromising any clarity on the site. 


Outdated imagery and branding elements.

Indirect calls-to action and unclear messaging.

To show off Canteen as the industry leader that they are

$5 Million increase in revenue for the fiscal year


After a Research & Discovery Phase, Greenstone collaborated with Canteen to create a website that customers could understand. 

Updated Design and Clarified Messaging

  • Canteen's 2019 brand refresh played a significant role in the overall re-design of their online presence. The updated style guide, including logo, brand marks, colors, and typography were applied to the nee website.


  • Canteen's copy was rewritten to more clearly communicate all that Canteen has to offer and the steps for potential customers to take to work with Canteen.


  • Direct Calls-to-Action were intentionally placed repeatedly throughout the site to encourage visitors to start their partnership with Canteen, and to help current customers find the resources they need.

Consolidated Content

  • Canteen can more clearly show off the variety of solutions they offer without overwhelming the user with cluttered options.


  • Content and pages were consolidated into clearer main and subcategories of solutions to provide the user with a clearer picture of what each solution entails.


  • Less pages and clearer content means less steps for the user to take to find what they need. Current customers have a clearer path to customer support or solution add-ons, and potential customers can easily start their partnership with Canteen.
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Authority and Trust

  • As an industry leader, Canteen has a history of excelling in customer service and satisfaction. However, client testimonials and other accolades were scarce to be found on their website.


  • Sprinkling testimonials from happy customers throughout the new website helps to encourage new potential customers to partner with them for their market, dining, and vending needs.


  • Adding other accolades, such as "We serve 99 of Fortune 100's." and "Whether you have 10 or 10,000 people, we serve all." help to show off Canteen's capabilities, established trust, and industry experience.


Canteen now has an online presence that better reflects the industry leader that they are. The website is clear about the benefits they offer to their customers. Lastly, the website is hardwired to turn leads into conversions. 

Increase revenue and qualified job applicants

Improved user experience for site visitors

An updated design that will last

Easier content management

What Our Clients Are Saying

Our user base has doubled since working with them, and with the new initiatives we're launching we anticipate triple-digit growth again next year.

Andrew Jacobson

1800 MD