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Website Re-Development


Burgers and brews, with oceanfront views.

Whether you're staying at the hotel, or just stopping by, you'll get the best gourmet burgers and beer at Lager Heads on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk.

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With each site using a different and outdated bag of tools Hilton Virginia Beach was in need of an easier way to keep their restaurant sites up-to-date, yet maintain the unique look that each one boasted.

Challenges & Objectives

Basic updates were time consuming & difficult to make

Out-of-date website platform & plugins

Consolidation of 3rd party integrations for easier management

A better way to make regular updates like seasonal menus changes


After we determined what elements of the current sites needed to be updated or removed to improve the user experience, we put new systems & tools in place so all three could be easily maintained. 

Website Accessibility

  • was re-developed on a fresh WordPress platform (WordPress powers 35% of the internet)


  • Plugins were updated to improve site security and performance


  • Unnecessary plugins were removed to speed up the site and make it easier to maintain on the back-end


  • 3rd party integrations were removed or consolidated for fewer accounts to manage and payments to keep up with

Drag-and-Drop Front End Editing

  • Site managers no longer have to edit code to make content and design changes to each page


  • Changes are seen as they are done, without having to open the page in a new window to preview before publishing


  • Saved rows and templates allow for efficient page building


  • Editing is quick and easy with the drag-and-drop visual editor


lager heads specials and menu
specials page on


Now updating all 3 sites is a breeze, with less to juggle and better site performance. A better user experience helps increase the chance of users converting into customers, and improves current customer satisfaction. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

Our user base has doubled since working with them, and with the new initiatives we're launching we anticipate triple-digit growth again next year.

Andrew Jacobson

1800 MD