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WordPress is the platform of choice for small and enterprise businesses. Our team strategizes, designs, and develops WordPress websites that will exceed organizational goals and will be easy to update for the future. 

Web Development Services

Designed Mockups

WordPress Content Management System (CMS)

The WordPress CMS is a flexible content management platform that is powerful enough to support commercial websites, community portals, and even mobile apps. Updating a Greenstone Media developed WordPress website is so easy that someone with virtually no technical background can maintain and grow their website for the future.


Code Implementation

With the help of WordPress, Greenstone Media installs a highly-valued suite of tried-and-true software that ensures security, performance, and SEO optimization. Our development team uses a flexible WordPress theme framework that can accommodate nearly any design. With this approach, client's get the exact design they want and have a WordPress site that is still reliable and easy to update.


Optimization and Mobile Responsive

A critical part of creating an online presence is following Google's Best Practices and developing for all devices. Once the site structure is established, and design and code are implemented, our team will go through and ensure proper H1 and H2 Tags, Alt Tags, and Meta Descriptions are applied. We then test each page in many browsers and devices. Not only will your site look good on all devices, but it will meet accessibility and SEO standards.


QA Testing & Training 

We know that an error-proof website means a huge difference for the credibility and trust of visitors. Before going live, we test every page view, link, request, scroll, screen width, mobile device, browser, form, and plugin configuration. We guarantee an easy and intuitive user-experience for each website. Once the new site goes live, we train staff on how to keep content up-to-date, create admin logins, and how to monitor traffic with Google Analytics.


Our Web Development Process

We take a sustainable approach to website strategy and development. We strive to understand your market, your audience, and your core business drivers in-depth, so that we can correlate every design and engineering decision directly back to helping you achieve your business goals. 


Strategy and Design

Strategic Planning for Project Success

Each organization has their own unique message and service offerings. Speaking the language of the visitor is critical for that message to be communicated effectively. With strategy, UX/UI planning, and branded design, we depend on a successful planning phase to support the rest of the web development process.

» View the full UI/UX web design process. 

Matching Business and User Goals

Our team takes each website development project seriously. We use our experience in the field of best usability and user experience principles and carefully listen to your business goals to consult on solutions that will create a great experience for visitors which in turn will increase results for the business goals. 

UI/UX Wireframes 

Our design team creates wireframes to use as blueprints for the site. We take the time to create smart navigations and an interactive user flow that seamlessly moves visitors through our clients' sites.

Design that Inspires 

Mockups are created based on approved wireframes. Through the inclusion of fonts, colors, and imagery, the mockups give our clients an opportunity to see what their site will look like once it’s completed. Our clients are true collaborators in this process and are encouraged to offer feedback to ensure we build the site they want.

Wireframes Example
Sheehan Web Design


Staging Environment

Building the Foundation

After the research and design phases are complete, our development team begins creating the site. Our team will set up a staging site and will configure all the WordPress settings. The team will then install all the needed software that website will depend on, such as SEO, Calendars, Membership portals, eCommerce etc. Afterward, a blank theme will be installed and the team will input all the global web styles of the brand. 

WordPress Settings



Solutions into Action

Now that the foundation for a new website build is in place, we will work through the requirements outlined in the strategy phase and build the pages and functionality of each feature. From the homepage and subpages to galleries and contact forms, our team of WordPress developers work diligently to ensure that industry standards are implemented correctly. Here the website starts to take form and progress meetings keep both our team and the client's team in close collaboration.

WordPress Development


Content and Refinement

Every detail counts

When the core pages, menus, functions, and design elements are in place, we will review the next steps and double check that the content is in alignment with the expectations. At this stage a final change order will be submitted and all remaining edits will be implemented. This is also a time our team will check blog search pages, 404s, and other critical pages that keep a website healthy.



Testing and Deployment

Quality assured team testing

The development team has a comprehensive pre-launch and post-launch protocol to ensure that each website is rigorously tested and meets our standards of quality. These testing procedures are comprised of speed and load times, multiple browser checks, multiple screen size checks, and a pair of fresh eyes to audit usability. We use a tool to seamlessly switch the WordPress site onto the domain of choice on either a Greenstone Media server or a host of the client's choice.

Team Website Review


Prepare for Development

At Greenstone Media, we collaborate with our clients at each stage of the web development process. We enjoy creating custom and innovative web solutions to exceed the expectations of our clients and make the web a more enjoyable place to be.

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