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Our solutions give you the marketing strategy and results you've been looking for:


→ Messaging and Branding Packages

→ Websites and Enrollment Funnels 

→ Inbound Content Marketing

→ Paid Advertising Campaigns & SEO

Not Sure Where to Start? We're Here to Help:

Clarify your message and branding

Create strategic, targeted content

Attract and engage more students

Most colleges struggle to increase student enrollments with digital marketing.

We know how discouraging it could be to put a lot of effort into growing your organization, and not see the expected results.

You deserve marketing that attracts the right students and grows your institution.

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Our Enrollment Accelerator Growth Programs

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Starter Enrollment
Growth Solutions

  • Marketing Assessment & Enrollment Growth Plan
  • Effective Enrollment Funnel Setup
  • Basic Content Marketing 
  • Social Media Ads
  • Monthly Reporting & Support
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Medium Enrollment
Growth Solutions

  • Marketing Assessment & Enrollment Growth Plan
  • Effective Enrollment Funnel Setup
  • Core Content Marketing
  • Social Media Ads
  • SEO Campaign
  • Monthly Reporting & Support
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Fastest Enrollment
Growth Solutions

  • Marketing Assessment & Enrollment Growth Plan
  • Effective Enrollment Funnel Setup
  • Premium Content Marketing
  • Social Media Ads
  • SEO Campaign
  • Google Ads
  • Monthly Reporting & Support

Enjoy Enrollment Growth, Just Like They Did:

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What These Colleges Said After They
Executed Effective Marketing


"Does a word exist that means even better than fantastic? If not, we need to invent it and apply it to these conversion rates!!!! Great news!"

Charles Wyatt

Limestone University

Lisa L. Snedeker Headshot

"Greenstone Media helped us create the right marketing strategy and plan to help us hit our enrollment growth target numbers for the School of Law and School of Business. Very impressed with their work and would definitely recommend!"

Lisa L. Snedeker

Wake Forest University


"We have worked with these guys for 4 years. They are our secret weapon for enrollments from digital campaigns."

Tony McFadden

Chattanooga College

Shanina Guyton

"I found the marketing workshop, strategy, and plan to help us grow our academic programs to be very helpful. It gave us a great foundation for building out our web pages and marketing our different academic programs. I really like how simple you all made the process, and we have seen growth! Thanks again for everything!"

Shanina Guyton

Georgia Southern University

Are You Ready to Increase Enrollments?

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1. Get A Marketing Assessment & Enrollment Growth Plan

Our team will perform an online audit and marketing assessment. We’ll use smart data from this to determine which marketing efforts will work best for you.

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2. Launch Your Enrollment Marketing Campaign

Armed with our data and custom plan, we’ll execute your growth campaign to meet your enrollment goals.

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3. Enjoy Enrollment Growth!

With the right plan in place, you’ll successfully grow your online presence, increase student enrollments, and grow your institution.

higher education enrollment marketing services

Download Our eBook,
“The Story Students Buy”

A lot of colleges feel misunderstood by their prospective audience, and don’t know how to effectively market to them. In this eBook, you’ll learn the 7 elements of crafting a story that will get more students to enroll!


Why Greenstone Media?

We know you want your marketing plan to increase enrollments. We also know that you're not in the higher education field only to enroll more students.

You're in this because you want to help people broaden their horizons, switch careers, get a promotion, or get a job that simply allows them to support their families. You help make that happen, and by doing so, you help improve lives and develop America's workforce.

And we LOVE that.

higher education marketing agency

Greenstone Media is an Asheville-based, award-winning agency that helps colleges and universities implement the effective marketing they need for attracting, nurturing, and enrolling more students. We're passionate about helping institutions like yours, and as a StoryBrand Certified Agency and HubSpot Certified Partner, we have the inbound marketing experience to help you avoid another digital disaster.

Schedule a demo today to see what an effective marketing plan can look like for your programs.

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