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Nationwide Retail & Food Service

Canteen provides on-demand market, dining, vending, and coffee solutions to offices, healthcare organizations, universities, hotels and more! Since 1929 Canteen has been bringing break-time to everyone and understands the importance of healthy, varied snack and drink options, excellent customer service, and employee satisfaction.

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Canteen desired a stronger online presence as a provider of markets, office coffee and snacks, and custom breakroom designs. They also wanted to increase the amount of quality job applicants they were driving to the site.

Challenges & Objectives

A shift to focus on other main offerings (not just vending)

Increased brand awarenss, especially with the recent branding updates

Attract more leads for markets, vending, office coffee, snacks, and jobs

Improved quality of leads for Canteen services and job applications


After a Research & Discovery Phase, Greenstone collaborated with Canteen to better understand the current market and target audience. This led to optimized ad and landing page content, more targeted Google Search and Display campaigns, and strategic funnels for tracking conversions.


Understanding Key Data & Creating a Clear Path to Success

  • To create a strategic and effective SEO plan, it was important to understand the current state of Canteen's online presence. This includes technical strengths & weaknesses of their website, as well as opportunities for content improvement.


  • Auditing Canteen's on-page and off-page data, keyword opportunities, target audience, and more helped us to find areas for improvement, opportunities to create new content or targeting, and to better understand Canteen as a whole.


  • Armed with an understanding of not only who we should be targeting, but how to improve their current online presence helped us to create a solid SEO plan for moving forward.

Google Search and Google Display Ads for Driving Leads

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  • To drive more leads to their website, Canteen needed a strategic plan for utilizing Google Search and Google Display ads.


  • By integrating target keywords and speaking the language of their target audience, Greenstone constructed Search and Display ad content to attract quality leads.


  • For a higher ROI, it was important to also take into account the locations, ages, occupations, and interests of Canteen's target audience. This, combined with optimized content and attractive design got Canteen well on their way to successful SEM campaigns.

Landing Pages Built to Convert

  • When visitors are presented with relevant content they are more likely to convert. If they click on an ad about Markets, they expect to find more information about Markets on the page to which they are directed. Designing and developing landing pages that clearly promote the services mentioned in the Google Search and Display ads removes friction, clearing the path to conversion.


  • Relevant content is one thing, but a clear plan is icing on the cake. Adding direct calls-to action throughout the landing pages remind the user what to do next, and a "Getting Started Is Easy" section at the bottom of each page clearly defines their path to success.


  • A message their target audience understands, attractive design, direct calls-to-action, and a clear plan to success all create a user-experience made to convert.


Canteen already had an updated website with optimized content and clear message to increase conversions and create brand ambassadors. Now, with the addition of effective marketing campaigns, even more leads will be brought to their site. This will result in more conversions. 

Benefits & Outcomes

Increased revenue for 2020

Over 187k new users on top landing pages

35% increase in new organic visitors

42k increase in sessions & 3% lower bounce rate

What Our Clients Are Saying

Our user base has doubled since working with them, and with the new initiatives we're launching we anticipate triple-digit growth again next year.

Andrew Jacobson

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