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Modern Digital Marketing Strategies for Contemporary Education

10X increase in average monthly leads

Doubled overall enrollments

Significant ⅔ reduction in cost per lead

Achieved 400 enrollment leads per month


Chattanooga College enables students to begin their careers sooner with focused, industry-specific degrees. By investing less time and money, students gain practical training from experienced professionals, setting the stage for success.

Chattanooga College offers specialized, industry-focused degrees that empower students to launch their careers two years earlier than traditional programs, while investing half the time and money. The college provides practical training delivered by experienced industry professionals, giving students a competitive edge in their future career. With a focus on hands-on training and industry-specific curriculum, Chattanooga College offers students a pathway to a successful future in their chosen field.

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The main business challenge facing Chattanooga College was generating sufficient enrollment leads for their academic programs. While they were using traditional advertising methods such as Facebook ads, TV ads, and billboards, the college was only receiving around 40 enrollment leads per month. In addition, the college relied heavily on word-of-mouth marketing to attract new students, indicating a potential need for a more strategic approach to student recruitment and marketing.

Challenges & Objectives

Chattanooga College had difficulty targeting and reaching potential students for some of their programs with low enrollment rates.

The college struggled to differentiate their programs from competitors and communicate their unique value to potential students.

Scaling up marketing efforts to reach a wider audience while maintaining personalized recruitment and retention was a challenge.

Chattanooga College faced the challenge of ensuring quality education and student experience while increasing enrollment across all programs.


The solution implemented to increase enrollment leads for the academic programs included creating clear messaging for each program and the college overall, building an enrollment funnel with lead magnets and email nurture marketing, and automating the enrollment process with HubSpot CRM Marketing. The college also implemented booking calendar automation for admissions personnel and ran Facebook and Instagram Lead Ads, Google Search and Display Ads, and remarketing campaigns. These strategies led to a significant increase in enrollment leads, demonstrating the effectiveness of a targeted and strategic approach to student recruitment.


Created clear messaging for all of their programs along with their college overall. Implemented that messaging into all of their marketing collateral

Chattanooga College - Clear Brand Message Example

Enrollment Funnel and HubSpot CRM Marketing

Automated Entollement Workflow Funnel - HubSpot - Chattanooga College example
Chattanooga College - Lead Magnet Example
Enrollmemt Lead Management Tool in HubSpot for Admissions - Chattanooga College
  • Built an enrollment funnel with lead magnets (opt-ins on their website with career guides for specific academic programs , email nurture marketing sequences for all optins.


  • Automated their enrollment funnel with HubSpot CRM Marketing Professional Subscription.


  • Implemented booking calendar automation for all Admissions personal for enrollment leads.

Facebook / Instagram Lead Ads with video and display and retargeting campaigns as well

Chattanooga College Facebook Lead Ads Example


Chattanooga college went from averaging 40/enrollment leads a month to averaging about 400 enrollment leads per month, 2X’d their enrollments overall and reduced their CPL by ⅔.

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We have worked with these guys for 4 years. They are our secret weapon for enrollments from digital campaigns!!

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