Manheim Element Mobile App

Element Rewards Mobile App

Manheim Elements now has a mobile app that is responsive


Manheim, Inc. is an automobile auction company and the world's largest wholesale auto auction based on trade volume with 145 auctions located in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.



Manheim needed a way to reward car dealerships for buying cars. Reward programs like the one they had in mind are known for creating loyalty and profitability.


Manheim’s Elements Reward app gave VIP dealerships like Carmax a platform to get perks and awards. A loyalty reward program that has millions of transactions, a new cohort of dealerships every year and a wide selection of rewards including customizable rewards (think Caribbean Vacation) and gift cards.



The app has gamified engagement with dealerships, increasing loyalty. Every week, millions of points are exchanged on the app.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Our user base has doubled since working with them, and with the new initiatives we're launching we anticipate triple-digit growth again next year.

Andrew Jacobson

1800 MD