Web Design

Greenstone Agency has a proven record of merging excellence in design and technology to deliver business driving web presences and properties for our clients. By listening deeply to the needs of our clients and their customers, we are able to leverage the experience of our team to find powerful and executable solutions to difficult problems or complex opportunities. Our mission is to know your mission and to help you further it.

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Web Software

Greenstone Agency works with clients to design and develop interactive web-based technologies to increase their competitive edge. Our team has a broad range of capabilities ranging from interface design, to development, to server administration and optimization.

Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps service builds bridges between your business and your mobile consumer base. We can take your current website and translate it to a mobile friendly format for on-the-go browsing, and we can build custom apps if you want to extend your services with the touch of a button.

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Web Communities

Whether you’re a community garden, an IT industry organization, a city, a group of collaborating creative class individuals, or an economic development alliance — Web Communities, or social networks, allow real people to build communities without geographic boundaries through strategic exchanges of information, ideas, events, and media.

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Web Search & Marketing

After design, the other half of a successful web presence is the distribution of that design. TopFloorStudio Web & Search Marketing excels in getting your message to your target market online and attracting valuable visitors to your website.

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Green Web Services

TFS Green Web Services is a core focus of TopFloorStudio that works with companies and partners to develop and sustain technology and marketing projects aimed at alleviating global and local environmental challenges such as global climate change, biodiversity, renewable energy, sustainable resource use, ecological economics, and land use.

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Chamber Tour Mobile App

We have assembled a powerful, turn-key package that includes a front-end mobile interface for visiting patrons (download-able via their smartphones) and a back-end admin panel for your Chamber’s members that allows the members to modify the various listing details and offerings they’re willing to give visiting patrons and users of your new Chamber app.

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Conference Mobile App

Supplying your attendees with a feature-laden, optimized, turn-key experience is a great way to keep them coming back year after year and to establish your conference as the resource for a given industry. Our Conference App package is aimed at making your attendee’s experience as rewarding as possible.

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Distributors Mobile App

Our Distributors App package is designed to offer multiple streams of client data for your distribution business – clear and precise information such as which products are preferred by which tier group, when and where these products were tagged for more information, etc.

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Healthcare Facility Mobile App

The Greenstone Agency Healthcare Facility App package is designed to address your patient’s/guest’s experience during their visit and to offer tools that would make these guests feel as informed and as much at ease as possible during their personal visit or during their visit with a loved one.

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