5 Types of Photography Every Business Needs

Great photography can boost your business greatly. Professional photography helps by giving consumers visual insight into your business, the people behind it, and what you do. Words can tell your company’s story effectively, but pictures truly tell a thousand words. 


Every business needs to incorporate photography in some way if they want to succeed. Professional photography has numerous benefits, and photos can be used in various ways. Here are five types of photography every business needs, and why your business should consider incorporating professional photography into your digital presence and marketing strategy. 

1. Headshots taken by a professional 

Headshots taken by a professional photographer will ensure clients see you as a professional in a position of authority, immediately fostering increased trust in you and your business. You can use these headshots on company sites, business cards, and on professional websites like LinkedIn. 


While your image cropped out of a blurry vacation photo may be fine for your personal accounts, you’ll need something much more professional when it’s time to present yourself and your business to potential clients and customers. A lot of photographers will come right to your office where they can take headshots of you, senior leaders and even the whole team. 

2. Photos around the office

Your customers want to see what really goes on behind the scenes in your office, and photos of people in action are a great way to authentically show off your business and “where the magic happens.” 


Both your office space and your workforce contribute to your overall company culture. Take pictures of your employees smiling, interacting with one another, and happily doing their jobs as they go throughout their day. What a wonderful way to show the passion behind your business! 


If you have interesting technology or other items you use to do your work, those can make great photos, too. If you’re particularly proud of your office space, photos around the office can be an even stronger way to present and promote your company to customers. 

3. Images of you engaging with customers and clients 

Images of you and your team engaging with customers and clients shows your business is personable and that you truly take the time to talk to clients and get their feedback. If they have a question or want to learn more about your product, they’ll be more open to asking you; they’ll see you as a personable face rather than a cold brand.


You can use images of you interacting with customers and clients on your website or on social media as part of a larger marketing strategy. 

4. Photos of happy customers/clients

Taking photos of happy customers and clients is one of the most important ways to bring photography into your business. Photos of success stories provide you with visual testimonials of your work that you can use in a variety of places, both online and offline. 


Pair photos of happy customers with written testimonials on your website to tell their full story, or use the images alone in social media posts or email blasts to highlight that what you do makes people smile. Photos of happy customers and clients will remind potential leads that you can make them successful, too!

5. Professional product images 

If your business sells physical products, it’s absolutely essential you have professional product images in your marketing toolbox. Professional photography can make your products shine, allowing their best features to stand out and helping customers get a better idea of what you’re offering before they purchase. Professional photographers know exactly how to frame your products to make them look their best.


You can use professional product photos on your website, both in marketing materials and on product listings. Clear, non-blurry photos with great lighting will make customers want to buy your products as they can see every feature perfectly. 


While it might be tempting to think that you can do all of your photography yourself – after all, you have a phone, right? – this isn’t a great choice. You may be able to take decent photos yourself, but there is no substitute for a professional photographer’s touch. 


Professional photographers can provide you with incredible photos that reflect your business’ culture, and you can reuse these photos on your website, on business cards, on social media, and in many other marketing materials. No matter what kind of business you run, your company will inevitably benefit from incorporating professional photography in these five ways. 


Could your business photography use a refresh? Are you relying on stock images or mediocre photos you or your team took with their iPhone? Schedule a time to talk about how professional photography can improve your brand and attract more customers.