How to Create an SEO Gameplan

If you’re involved in online marketing at all, you’ve heard of search engine optimization or SEO. It’s straightforward in theory; including certain words or phrases in your content that are frequently searched will make that content rank higher across various search engines. As a result, you’ll get more traffic. Even better, that traffic will be relevant to your services and you’ll be able to directly address a viewer’s needs. 

SEO makes a lot of sense, but it can be difficult to know how to get started. What SEO words or phrases should you use? How often? How can you make them sound natural in your content without losing potential readers’ interest? When you have a reliable SEO game plan, you’ll have the answers to these questions already spelled out for your organization. Developing a strong SEO game plan now will start boosting your traffic immediately and will bring you greater success in the future.  

What Makes SEO so Important for Your Website?

SEO is what gives your website potential. The point of your website is to be seen and read, and that becomes much harder without SEO on your side. In the words of Ravinder Bharti, “A website without SEO is like a vehicle without fuel.” Without SEO, you have all the important aspects in place but you’re missing the element that gets your website off the ground in the first place. The internet is a massive place, and the odds of your ideal audience stumbling across your website randomly are slim to none. With SEO, you’ll be able to connect with your audience almost effortlessly. 

Part of the SEO process means understanding your viewers, as well. When you spend time learning what your viewers are searching for online and what questions they want answered, you can get a much better understanding of your audience’s needs and wants. Sometimes these can be surprising, and may go a long way towards reshaping the way you market your organization, or even your products themselves.

Use Your SEO to Tell Your Story

One helpful way to view your SEO gameplan is to look at it as an opportunity to tell your story. As other websites have mentioned, SEO is essentially an expression of you, your products, your competitors, and your customers. By writing content that directly addresses these elements, you’ll not only be hitting your SEO words and phrases but you’ll be appealing to your ideal audience as well.

Part of telling your story means writing it in an appealing way. Some SEO keywords and phrases are more awkward to use in context than others, but it’s important to put in the effort towards making your content read as naturally as possible. If you frontload your keywords and sacrifice content for using all the “right” words, especially early on in your writing, your viewers will notice. Reading a piece and feeling as though it was crafted just as an excuse to fit in as many SEO keywords as possible will turn many viewers away. Your readers want an authentic piece that gives them the information they need in a way that doesn’t feel artificial. It might seem difficult to make this work while using as many keywords as you can, but practice makes it possible. There are also many professional services designed specifically to write SEO-friendly content that will give you articles that boost your website and are enjoyable to read at the same time.

What Does SEO Include?

Everyone interprets SEO a little differently, but for the most part, SEO is more than just key phrases. If you choose to work with a professional service to help you develop your SEO game plan, it’s important to know exactly what’s included in their package. When you work with Greenstone Media, for example, your SEO process will include all of the following:

  • Monthly goal-based SEO plans. This helps to make sure your organization isn’t stagnating, and that you are constantly improving your process and setting new, personalized goals for your organization rather than letting your SEO get stale.
  • Weekly communication to help your team understand what is and isn’t working. Incorporating SEO into your team’s weekly schedule helps to keep it at the forefront of everyone’s minds and will make sure no small potential improvements or problems that need to be addressed will slip through the cracks.
  • Regular keyword monitoring. When you have a team of SEO professionals monitoring the trends of key words and phrases, it will keep your own team free to focus on other things. You’ll be able to stay connected with your SEO process through weekly meetings and monthly reports, while letting someone else handle the nitty gritty details.
  • Cutting-edge SEO strategies and ideas to keep you ahead of the curve and ahead of your competition. SEO is always changing, so it’s important to track trends and be aware of what keywords might be rising or falling in popularity. With a professional team on your side, you’ll know that you have the most up to date possible methods and strategies.
  • Monthly reports on the state of your SEO. Weekly updates are important to give your team a sense of what’s happening in the immediate future and provide the chance to make small adjustments, but monthly reports can give a better overall look at how your SEO process is working and what your future trends look like.

Every organization will have a slightly different version of this list, but you should be aware of the many different SEO benefits available to you. If you choose to use a professional service that will help you maximize your SEO, speak with them in advance to discuss your options. There’s a company out there for any SEO needs you might have, so don’t hesitate to be clear about what your needs and expectations are.

The Takeaway

SEO doesn’t have to be intimidating when you make it work for you. Remembering what’s important about your SEO game plan and using SEO as an incentive to tell the most interesting, accurate version of your story can be great motivators to use SEO. Even if SEO is still a struggle for you or your team, there are plenty of online resources that will make your SEO writing style easier and more appealing.

No matter what your organization is, you can benefit from a good SEO game plan. You’ll be able to increase your web traffic and boost your visibility and sales, all while telling people about the advantages of your services and what your organization stands for. Don’t settle for a mediocre SEO game plan—if you and your organization are offering an exceptional product or service, your SEO should be high standard enough to offer it the attention it deserves. Your audience is waiting to hear from you, and SEO can make that possible.

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