How to Know When It’s Time to Update Your Company Logo

Your company’s logo is the first thing most customers remember when they think of your business. A clear, appealing company logo will not only attract customers, but also make your brand stand out among the rest because customers will understand exactly what you do at a glance. If your logo doesn’t reflect your company and the services you provide, your logo feels outdated, or even if you’re just not completely happy with how your branding looks, it might be time to make a change.

Changing your business’ logo can feel like a big decision, though, so you might be wondering if now is really the right time. Regardless of why you’re considering changing your logo, there are a few telltale signs you should switch it up as soon as possible for the sake of your business. 

Your Logo Doesn’t Reflect What You Offer

If your logo doesn’t reflect the services you currently offer, customers will likely be confused about what you provide. When customers are confused about your logo, they’ll easily forget about your brand, or worse, not associate your logo with your company at all. Therefore, you should update your logo if the imagery doesn’t depict the reality of your business. This is especially important if your business has changed significantly since its inception; if your services or products change, your logo shouldn’t continue to reflect what you previously provided. 

Think of some logos that you love; they likely depict the brand’s offerings, or the benefits they provide, in one way or another. Amazon’s logo is a great example of a creative logo that explains what the company does. They offer everything from “A to Z” (the arrow symbol connecting the letters), and they pride themselves on their customer service (the smile). This design is simple but highly effective, showcasing both the company’s offerings and benefits. 

Your Logo Isn’t Versatile

Your business logo might look flawless sitting at the top of your website and on each webpage, but does it translate well to other media? If your logo is too large or too busy to be effective as a social media icon, it’s worth considering changing your logo. Fifty percent of revenue for 14 industries comes from social sales, according to Small Biz Genius, so having a strong social media presence isn’t just a need, it’s a must. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn all have different optimal sizes for profile pictures, making having a versatile icon even more critical. 

Having a logo that is befitting of social media will help your online presence stay neat and consistent. Ensure that your logo is usable on your site, social media, and any other media you may use in your business, like business cards or official documentation. Having a versatile logo allows for uniformity across all platforms, which makes your business look far more professional and helps customers recognize your brand.

It’s Just Time For An Update

Trends change with time, and so should your logo. If you’ve had the same branding for several years and you’re ready to switch it up, you’ll likely want to change your logo at the same time. Keeping your logo modern and up-to-date with the latest trends will attract customers. Plus, they’ll see that you’re keeping up with the times and that your services aren’t outdated. 

Keeping your logo updated in accordance with modern trends is especially important for businesses with a digital presence, since modern consumers favor contemporary-looking designs. It might feel risky to change your logo if you’ve had your current one for a while, but even huge players in the business world, from Facebook to Coca-Cola, have changed their logos drastically over the years. Don’t be afraid to update your branding if it just feels like it’s the right time!

You Made Your Logo Yourself

Do-it-yourself logos might work as a temporary placeholder, but they usually don’t look professional unless you happen to be an expert at graphic design. As such, it’s almost never a great idea to stick with a homemade logo. If you made your logo yourself when you started your business, it’s time to consult a professional for help and improve your branding. 

Professionals know exactly what makes a good logo, and can work with you to share logo ideas and create the perfect company logo for your business. Expert graphic designers have the tools and expertise to create a logo that works for your business and reflects your brand’s true identity. 

Making your logo yourself might be a good way to get your business off the ground, but there’s no substitute for working with a professional to design the perfect company logo that will draw in new customers and invigorate existing ones. 

We know changing your company logo is a big decision. Schedule a call to talk about a logo refresh and how our team of in-house designers can help.