Case Study: How Shorter University Got More Enrollments


This case study covers the unique challenges that one university aspiring toward modernization faced, as well as the solutions Greenstone Media’s team presented and the results these new strategies achieved for our client.

Here’s a summary of how they did it:

Web-based education has become a competitive market, and to keep up with the growing numbers of students seeking this sort of secondary education format, Shorter University needed to adjust its marketing strategy. To reach a wider range of potential enrollees, the university needed to supplement dwindling traditional recruitment successes and become part of the digital landscape.

The online learning environment is already quite diverse, so Shorter University’s challenge started with stepping into this medium and developing unique digital recruitment strategies. Before doing so, the institution’s academic programs were struggling to market their online learning opportunities and not enough students were enrolling.

In a competitive environment, distinguishing one’s brand from the rest of the competition is essential, but Shorter University initially struggled to present potential students with something of value.

To help spearhead these new initiatives, Greenstone Media worked with Shorter University to implement several strategies designed to increase enrollment numbers. Together, we created lead lists, developed sleek, informative landing pages, and drafted an array of automated and individualized lead-nurturing email campaigns.

We also designed various Google Ads to improve Shorter University’s online visibility, which worked to recruit new students with the help of comprehensive data analysis.

Further marketing efforts included the following:

  • Targeted ads that used carefully researched keywords to attract qualified leads
  • Expanding upon Shorter University’s typical target audience by addressing individuals within 150 miles of a local university
  • Combined advertising efforts using Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads
  • Branded search campaigns that targeted degree programs and program focuses (ex: business, human services, etc.)
  • Video ads that reached target audiences that appealed to high school seniors, undergraduates, college graduates, and students attending summer learning sessions

By implementing these carefully-developed marketing strategies, Shorter University was able to reach a large number of prospective students. Through the use of Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Google Ads, the university succeeded in expanding its reach and connecting with targeted audiences who utilized one or more of these channels.

With Greenstone Media’s help, Shorter University secured 115 new enrollment leads, and enrollment numbers grew by 17%. Additionally, by building advertisements around various degree programs, the university’s pre-med opportunities and graduate programs gained greater visibility and interest.