Focus On the Holidays (And Let Marketing Automation Do the Rest!)

While some people take their hustle up a notch to do “all the things” on top of Christmas shopping, family dinners, and travel plans, others put everything in “let’s circle back after the holidays” mode.

While you do need time to enjoy this season, you also shouldn’t have to put everything on hold completely until after January 1st in order to gain some margin during the holiday season.

What if there was a way to ensure your marketing and sales are taken care of without you having to constantly create new content, check inboxes for updates, or make sure every new lead receives a follow-up?

Using the power of marketing automation, you can! We use marketing automation to create effective sales funnels and manage inbound content for our customers so they can focus on doing what they do best (running their businesses and/or managing their teams) and when holiday seasons come their marketing is one less thing for them to worry about.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Do you have content pre-planned, at least a month ahead of time?
    Creating a 30-day content calendar can help align your whole team on the messaging focus for the month, as well as ensure all platforms and sales channels are accounted for when it comes to planning your marketing content and campaigns.
  • Do you use a CRM to automate marketing tasks?
    CRMs, like HubSpot, allow you to create automated workflows that behave a specific way depending on user interaction (like chat or email responses, contact record updates, etc) and provide email and social post scheduling options so you can bulk schedule content ahead of time to be sent out on pre-determined days and times.
  • Is your sales process automated?
    With HubSpot’s Sales Hub you can automate sales deal tasks to ensure deal records stay up to date, potential leads are sent reminders to help close those lingering deals, and new leads are managed even with a limited sales team.
  • Are your paid ads set up to run on their own for a week or two?
    You obviously wouldn’t want to “set it and forget it” with any of this content forever, including paid ads. But if plan ahead and set weekly budget caps with your ad spend and schedule your ads, you can take a break while Google and Facebook keep working for you.

Whether you’re wearing all the hats or simply just trying to get the important things done, taking the right steps can give you a little extra margin during the holiday season… or any busy season for that matter. Planning content ahead of time and using tools that allow you to keep your marketing efforts running on autopilot for a few days will allow you to enjoy that much-needed break you’ve been looking forward to.

And, if you need help getting any of this set up for you, reach out to our team and we’d be happy to help.