The First Step in Creating An Automated Sales Funnel for Increasing Student Enrollments

Using the automated sales funnel for your college or university will help attract, nurture, and convert leads that you might not have engaged with otherwise. 

Clear Communication

The first step in creating an effective sales funnel is to clearly communicate what your school can do for its students. When prospective students visit your website, they want to know how you can help them and what you can offer. If they don’t receive that information, they will disengage and quickly leave. 

To prevent potential students from closing your tab, create a clear brand message and concise marketing copy. A compelling brand message is one of the least expensive and most successful ways to increase the engagement and conversion rate of your website. 

This message needs to be clear – confusion is the enemy in this situation. If you confuse your audience, you’ll lose their attention. But, conversely, if you tell a story that engages potential students, your sales funnel will show positive results. 

Keep this checklist in mind:

  • Define what your audience wants 
  • Identify the problems that your prospective students need solved 
  • Portray empathy and authority with your university/college as a trusted guide
  • Provide a clear plan for your audience to follow
  • Offer a clear call-to-action that gets them started

A Website That Converts

Inviting students to become a part of your story is the first hurdle to jump over. The second is creating a website that converts. To encourage students through their journey, you should be using content and plenty of calls-to-action. 

Start this conversion process with the banner of your website. On the banner, let students know what you offer and how it can benefit their lives should they choose to apply. 

Remember, clear language is key. If these prospective students can’t understand what you’re offering, you’ve already lost. Students need to know specific actions to take in order to reach the next step. 

Your website design plays a major role in engagement. If it is accurately aligned with the brand message of your university/college, you’ll enjoy positive results. 

If you combine compelling content with plenty of conversion opportunities, your website will become a hub for lead generation. 

Here’s the second checklist to remember:

  • Clearly state what you offer students on the banner of your website
  • Place an obvious call-to-action in the top right corner of your website
  • Use images that portray a student’s success at your school
  • Make sure the text on your website is easily digestible and scannable 

Increasing Enrollment

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to increasing student enrollment. Just place emphasis on clear, concise, and straightforward communication, and you’ll see those applications roll in.