How Our Digital Marketing Plan Boosted Enrollment for Toccoa Falls College

One accredited, independent, four-year liberal arts college in Georgia wanted to know the best way to contact people about their online and in-person higher education programs. This school is called Toccoa Falls College, and they offer an array of degrees to suit every student’s needs. The issue was that they needed a new marketing strategy to adapt to technological changes. So, they reached out to us at Greenstone Media.


Challenges and Objectives

Toccoa Falls College had a challenge–they needed to identify and enroll new students in all their programs with a strategic marketing plan. Specifically, they needed to target potential students in the growing marketplace of web-based higher education by optimizing their digital marketing and advertising efforts.

They were looking for a marketing plan that would meet these four primary objectives:

  1. Grow their traditional undergraduate admissions.
  2. Attract new traditional students locally.
  3. Optimize advertising platforms to raise awareness of brand and course offerings.
  4. Develop strategies that will continue to produce new students year after year.

After an in-depth research and discovery process, Greenstone Media developed a marketing strategy that was customized to specifically meet these four objectives.


Our Solution

Our solution for Toccoa Falls College consisted of a three-part plan.

First, we started with Google Search and Google Display Ads for people actively searching for what Tocccoa Falls had to offer. By integrating target keywords and speaking the language of their target audience, we constructed Search and Display ad content that boosted lead generation. When designing these ads, we considered many aspects of the target audience, including age, occupation, and interests, and we specifically targeted those within a 150-mile radius of the school.

The second piece of our strategy was designing and implementing Facebook and Instagram ads to generate more awareness and leads. Again, by using targeted keywords, along with phrases and images that piqued the interest of the target audience, we created an ad campaign that brought people in.

Finally, our third task was to harness the power of Instagram to drive leads to Toccoa Falls College. Since this platform is all about images, we chose the most beautiful and iconic photographs of Toccoa Falls, Georgia, the school’s campus, and some students. Then, we included the logo and name of the college. These simple ads were perfect for Instagram.

If you want to see what their ads looked like, visit the case study here!


Real Results

So, what did these three methods do for Toccoa Falls College? We’ll give you the numbers so you can see the results for yourself:

  • 866,337 impressions
  • 9,554 web visitors
  • 137 form fills
  • 95 calls
  • 232 total enrollment leads
  • 15% increase in enrollment growth overall.

If those numbers aren’t enough, the president of Toccoa Falls College had this to say about our work: “They have been a game-changer for our college. They listened to where we are and where we wanted to go. Unlike consults we’ve worked with in the past, they created and executed on a digital strategy that has consistently increased our enrollments, but we have seen record numbers with them!”

Interested in seeing the same results for your organization? Reach out to us today to get your marketing goals on track!