How to Choose A Good Blog Title

You know you’ve written good content and you have a blog post that will resonate with people. So why isn’t anyone clicking? The truth is, no matter how great the subject matter of your blog is, the vast majority of casual viewers won’t get past the headline. Your blog title is extremely important, and you need something that will catch people’s attention if you want to get readers to engage with your material past the first line. If you’re struggling to write eye-catching headlines, you aren’t alone. Fortunately, the internet is full of research, advice, and professional experience that can help you boost your viewership and get your material out to an audience that can benefit from it.

What Does Your Audience Want?

Sometimes to have a blog that draws readers in, you’ll have to be flexible. In the words of Brian Clark, “Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.” Even if you are extremely confident in your work and your ability to convey information, stop and make sure you’re presenting it in a way that will appeal to your readers. Who is your audience? What style will they react to? If it comes down to it, are you willing to tweak your blog title to appeal to more readers even if it’s not what you would have named it initially? The difference between a blog and a diary is readers, so if you want to develop a reader base, you’ll need to appeal to your audience.

It’s always helpful to sit down and analyze your ideal reader. In many cases, blog writers haven’t put enough thought into their reader base. It’s important to write what you like and what you know, but when you know who your ideal audience is—whether that stays at home moms, teenage boys, retirees, or any other group of people—you can consciously use a writing style and include content that they will enjoy. Spending time thinking about your audience and writing in a way that appeals to them can also go a long way towards helping you connect with your audience and feel like you understand them better.

Grab Your Readers’ Attention

A few different methods have been proven to get clicks and views from readers, including those outlined here. With so many websites and so much content available, it makes sense that people have done their research on what makes a good title and how to draw readers in. Take advantage of this knowledge, and experiment with the following for your next blog title:

  • Ask a question. It’s very common to see article and blog titles that ask the reader a question, and for good reason. People will instinctively ask themselves that question, and if they’re at all interested in the answer, they’ll be much more likely to read your content. 
  • Use numbers. If people aren’t already dedicated followers of your blog, they probably aren’t looking for a long, in-depth read. They’re primarily interested in something quick and interesting, and offering numbers in the title shows your reader that your piece will be digestible and broken down into convenient sections.
  • Educate. If you’ve written a piece that has the potential to teach someone a new skill or ability, lead with that. Blogs that start with “How to…” are appealing because people are anxious to learn, especially if you make it sound attainable and easy. 
  • Use action words. Action words are exciting and engaging. Using direct, strong verbs in your title will always be a more interesting way to start a blog post than using the passive voice or meandering language. Tell your audience to do something today, or learn something now and they’ll respond.

A good rule of thumb is to browse the internet for a while and take note of what headlines grab you. What do they have in common? Take inspiration from the titles that pique your interest—there’s a reason you clicked that article, and you can incorporate that reason into your own blogs.

Use Your Resources

If you’re new to writing blog posts or just aren’t sure how to attract an audience, it can be extremely useful to use professional resources. Companies like Greenstone Media can offer story branding methods that will guide you through the process of creating a compelling narrative, no matter who your audience is. This storied brand will teach you how to write content in a way that frames the reader as the hero of a story, and your service—even if that service is just information or a fun article—as the solution to a problem. Who wouldn’t respond to a narrative like that? Other organizations can help you with your SEO, improve your blog’s overall visibility, and generally make your writing more stand out and appealing. Don’t worry, even if it feels impossible to write a title that people want to click on. There’s a resource out there that will turn things around for you and your blog.

When you’re trying to improve your blog, don’t get discouraged if your attempts to improve it don’t seem to be working. There are more writing and marketing resources available now than ever before, and taking advantage of what they have to offer can make a huge impact on your readership. Look for companies that have proven track records of marketability and companies that work in a style similar to your own writing. We think you’ll find that these companies also recognize the importance of a catchy title, and can help you begin writing your own.

The Takeaway

There are all kinds of different ways to improve your blog titles and attract new readers. Once you’ve considered your audience, evaluate their needs. What kind of titles will be most important to your audience, given where they are in their lives right now? Once you’ve got an idea of what your audience is looking for, you can begin to restructure your titles using proven attention-grabbing methods. Incorporating questions, numbers, action words, and other eye-catching tools will let readers know that what you’ve written is exciting and relevant. 

If you still aren’t seeing success after making these changes to your methods, you can dive into the expansive world of online resources and professional companies geared towards helping you. If you’ve got a blog that’s going stale or a post that isn’t getting the traction it deserves, don’t give up on your blog! Tinkering with the titles can revitalize an entire website and make the writing process more enjoyable. You can turn your good blog into a great blog just by improving the title and expanding your readership base.