Signs Your Company Needs a Mobile App in 2020

If customers can’t easily access your product/service, you’re already losing in the modern market. What most companies fail to calculate on today’s tech landscape is this: People don’t get on the web much anymore; they get on apps. If it’s important to you, there’s an app for it. If you’re not an app for your customer, you’re out of the forefront of their mind, and an afterthought for what really matters. If you had an app, you would be right there when your customer opened their phone. They would already be logged into your app, getting notifications, and purchasing your product with ease. In this blog, we’ll talk about some signs that your company might be getting close to a mobile app. 

Customers are Having Problems with the Web Side of your Product/Service

It isn’t easy for your customer to do business with you.  Someone has to want to work with you pretty bad to make it through all the hoops and forms and clicks that stand between you and them. It can’t be this way. You can’t get many new clients this way. Getting a mobile app is about delighting your customers and creating a seamless journey from customer problem to product/service. As you’re asking yourself about a mobile app for your company, ask yourself this:

How easy is it for someone to do business with me? 

If it isn’t easy, it’s time to do something about it.  

Your Company Serves Customers that are “On the Go” 

This is a big one, as your client is always on the go, and when they interact with your product/service it happens on mobile. Now, if your website is mobile-friendly, you’re already doing a pretty good job at delighting your customers and giving them a frictionless customer journey. What the mobile app does however is take everything your website does and consolidate it into an even easier product/service process. Think about it, now your customer doesn’t have to click on browser, doesn’t have to log in, or zoom in/out to find everything they’re looking for on your site. They don’t have to open a browser and log in to find out if they have notifications. Now all of this friction that made it more difficult to interact with you is now taken out. Your on the go customer who doesn’t have time for any extra steps is now very delighted at the simplicity of working with your product/service. This is the world we want to create for our customers. It’s easy to get your problems solved, it’s easy to get your business done with us. If we can create frictionless buyer experiences for our on the go buyer persona, we’re going to win in the marketplace.  

You’ll Actually have the Budget to get a Mobile app next year

Most companies that have gotten a mobile app are shocked at what held them back from getting one sooner. They always saw the need for one, they just thought it would cost too much. It doesn’t. You should be expecting a return, and spending as little as $10,000 dollars to set yourself up for the next decade in the marketplace is nothing. Instead of wasting your money on more marketing that doesn’t work, take some of that money and invest it in a mobile app that delights customers. If you can delight your customers, your customers will do your marketing for you. 


Mobile apps are for the evolving enterprise that wants to delight their modern customer. Mobile apps take the friction out of doing business with you, and if that friction is removed, you will get more business. If the friction isn’t removed, customers will slowly move towards another solution. This is true in business because it is true in life. We like easier. Schedule a free consultation with our software/mobile app team and start delighting your customers with a mobile app.