The 5-Part Email Campaign That Turns Leads Into Enrollments

If you’re like most higher ed institutions, you’re looking for an easy way to increase enrollment growth. In order to do that as efficiently as possible, you’ll have to find an automated way to nurture your leads from visitor to student. How do you do that? We’re glad you asked. You create a lead-generating PDF for your homepage and then attach a 5-part email sales campaign to it. 

1. The Lead Generating PDF 

Chances are, you’ve had plenty of visitors come to your website. Unfortunately, most of them weren’t ready to enroll. If when they came to your site, you didn’t offer a valuable piece of content in exchange for their email, you lost them. The key here is to ask, “What piece of content would my audience exchange their email for?”. If you’re a dentist, you might say, “The 5 Mistakes Most People Make When Taking Care of Their Teeth”. Who wouldn’t want to read that? 

Once you have created a lead-generating PDF title, write and design the PDF! After that, you’ll be ready to create the 5-part email campaign that begins once your website visitor downloads the PDF. 

2. Writing The 5-Part Email Enrollment Campaign 

Writing the 5-part email sales campaign that attaches to the PDF is crucial. It’s how you turn any website lead into an enrollment. Here is the email formula we follow to ensure that your audience’s objections are overcome and that the campaign creates new business:

  • Email 1: Delivery of Asset (Thank you for downloading the PDF!)
  • Email 2: The Problem Your Audience Has + The Solution You Offer
  • Email 3: Testimonial of You Solving The Problem You Solve
  • Email 4: Overcome Your Audience’s Biggest Objection for Enrolling With You
  • Email 5: The Paradigm Shift

Bonus: Follow that up with an email that is direct and to the point, asking them to enroll, repeating your call-to-action, and “closing the deal” to get them to take the next step in their enrollment journey with you.

All of these emails will include a call to action that encourages them to get their problem solved (aka to enroll with you). They admitted they had the problem you solved when they downloaded the lead-generating PDF. This should free you up to write your emails in such a way that they overcome their problem and get what they want by enrolling in your higher ed institution. 

Our biggest tip when you write these emails? Be human! You want your lead to feel like they’re talking to the most empathetic and authentic person at your company. 

3. The Biggest Mistakes In Email Enrollment Campaigns 

You want to make sure to avoid the following mistakes when you launch your 5-part email enrollment campaign that turns leads into customers:

  • Writing emails that are all about your higher ed institution.
    Instead, make it about the student. Structure the emails in a way that the student overcomes their problem and gets what they want.
  • Writing emails that aren’t empathetic.
    Say, “We know how it feels to,” or, “We understand that”… Empathy is how your lead learns they can trust you.
  • Writing emails that don’t show authority/competency in solving their problem. You can overcome this with testimonials and stories of student success. 

4. Setting Up The Email Enrollment Campaign

After you have written the five enrollment emails, you’ll be ready to upload them into your Customer Relations Management System. Likely, your CRM has capabilities that allow you to automate these emails (so you don’t have to send them out manually). We recommend setting up the triggers on these emails so that they go out to your lead every 3-4 days. This will keep them engaged in their journey to overcome the problem they have with your solution. 

5. The Takeaway 

Without a 5-part Enrollment email campaign that’s attached to a lead-generating PDF, most leads won’t become enrollments. You can of course avoid this by creating the PDF and email enrollment campaign your audience needs to turn a lead into a sale. Your audience may not be exactly sure how you could transform their life with your solution. With the email enrollment campaign, you’ll be able to show them. Then, when it’s time to buy, they’ll be ready.