The GAP Between Applying and Enrolling…

What makes a successful higher education marketing strategy?

As any instructor will tell you, you can only teach the students who show up. But getting students to walk through the doors is a harder task than simply getting a student’s email.

The Challenge

Too often, the number of applications your school receives is far higher than the number of actual enrollments. A recent survey found that many colleges lose between 30 to 60% of students between the application and enrollment stages. That’s quite a gap!

The gap between applying and enrolling is a prevalent problem, and a truly successful higher education marketing strategy will do more than just get students’ attention. A good strategy needs to capture students’ genuine interest to get them from ‘applied’ to ‘enrolled.’

The Solution

Once you’ve gotten a potential student’s email, you need to provide them with useful and engaging information about your institution that answers their questions and addresses their doubts. You need to build a relationship with potential students that shows them they can trust you to help with their educational goals.

Partnering with an experienced enrollment marketing team can help you identify and address the causes of the gap between your applications and your enrollments. Your marketing partner can help you reflect, revise, and restart your current marketing strategy by looking at your brand messaging, website accessibility, and more.

A good starting point is to place yourself in the shoes of your potential students – does reading your marketing material give the student valuable information and a clear course of action? If not, that’s an excellent place to start updating your messaging.

A Successful Partnership in Action

To see what an experienced partner looks like in action, check out this case study of Greenstone Media’s partnership with Limestone University:

After a thorough research and discovery process, we identified the gaps in Limestone University’s digital marketing strategy that let potential students slip away. We implemented SEO strategy, social media marketing, and location-based ads to reach the strongest leads, and the difference was clear:

Limestone University doubled its new student enrollments for its traditional programs, and it saw a 50% increase in online and evening programs. 

Close the Gap with Greenstone Media

The data is clear: there’s an enrollment gap between student applications and student enrollments. However, that gap can be closed with strategic digital marketing and an experienced partnership.

To bridge the gap between applications and enrollments with Greenstone Media’s expertise, schedule a strategy call with us today!