10 Website Design Trends that Will Change The Game in 2020

What’s in a website of the future? As a business owner or marketing director, you don’t have to waste your time reacting to new trends, but you should know where all the trends are heading. If you can see the ideal website, you’ll be able to identify easily what does or doesn’t help you. By the end of 2020, you’ll want your website to be customer-centered, clearer, not as wordy, and way more mobile-friendly. In this blog, we’ll show you trends that are helping websites achieve that end. 

  1. Oversized Lettering and Typography

The main purpose of this trend is to draw more focused attention on your brand, and it’s a neat way of simplifying your site’s design. You’ll notice that more websites have typography with bolder fonts and even larger font sizes. Just when you thought you had seen it all, there’s websites like jomor.design. As a marketing director, commit yourself to website exploration, even if only an hour a week. You’ll tumble into lettering and typography styles that you have never seen before, and they may end up inspiring the next phase of your/your customer’s site. 

  1. Background Video

It’s no secret that video marketing is exploding in popularity for website designers, and it will grow even more in 2020. The key is to use this trend in a strategic way to keep visitors interested in your website. Think about it, how many videos do you watch in a day? Videos are the only thing that keep the user still; otherwise, it’s an endless scrolling fest. You should choose a background video that best promotes your brand. Make sure that the video doesn’t compete with the other content on your website. Having a video, for example, on your home page will allow you to cut back on the amount of words on your homepage. Instead of using the homepage to explain yourself, you can now use your word count for concise, customer-centered messages. 

  1. Hidden Navigation

2020 will see the rise of minimalist web design and hidden navigation is an example of this. Here is a list of cool examples of how some companies use hidden navigation on their websites. With hidden navigation, a website will look crisp and clean while still offering the information that users want. Aesthetically, when someone comes to your website and the navigation bar is hidden, it keeps them from being overwhelmed by all the options. They get an open view at the heartbeat message of your company, and then can navigate from there. Think of your above the fold area on your homepage as a clearing in a forest, and the navigation as a series of trails “on the other side.” You’ve got 4 seconds before you make your first impression with your visitor. Make it a clear one. 

  1. Micro animation

In 2020, website design will be more playful thanks to the use of micro animation. Micro animations are short animations that are created to help users navigate the website and perform certain tasks. These animations are also simple and pleasing to the eyes, and they’re not hard to understand. Again, this helps your overall goal of keeping the word count down and offering a clear user experience.

  1. Pops of Bold Color

In 2020, you can say goodbye to the same neutral tones that defined web design for so many years. We’re now seeing a trend towards an embracing of bold colors as part of website design.  Also, there will be more designers who utilize colors to create a certain mood for users. If this point sparks some memories you’ve had with your company, it would be wise to identify how your company can stay on brand and still get a little “louder” with your website.

  1. Storytelling

When you combine interesting graphics with a good story, you’ll have an amazing website design. This trend is popular now but will continue well into next year. Your customer isn’t looking for a story about you, they’re looking for a story about them. Keep this in mind and invest your time into customer intelligence. The more you know about your customer, the better you’ll be at knowing what your graphics/path to product needs to be like. Storytelling is by no means new, but the point of view for the story is not to be told from the perspective of the business. It’s to be told from the problem your customer is facing. Incorporate illustrations and graphics that tell THAT story. 

  1. Mobile Optimization

 The majority of people surf the Web on mobile devices so, in 2020, website designers must seek out creative ways to optimize their websites beyond the desktop computer or laptop. During the optimization process, you want to design the site in such a way that you focus mainly on the most important aspects of your website. The print size should be large and easy to read. The design should enable the mobile version of your site to load in less than three minutes. This of course, wraps into our overall understanding of where websites are going: Less words, more graphics, condensed, concise, and mobile-friendly.

  1. Voice User Interface

A voice user interface is a system where speech recognition is used to understand commands and questions. The purpose is to promote a better connection between users and their devices using voice. As more people purchase devices with this interface such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Home, there will be an increasing need for designers to add this feature to their websites.

  1. Push Notifications

This is a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. You can use push notifications to gain new subscribers, announce giveaways, and discussing certain discounts from your company. All the world asks is that you do not overuse them.

  1. Virtual Reality in Website Design

This is a major game-changer for website design in the coming years. In the past, you needed an app and a good headset to enjoy virtual reality. However, that is not the case today. You will be able to access virtual reality with a button click through your browser. It is also becoming easier to create VR content.

Parting Thoughts

By the end of 2020, websites will be cleaner, clearer, and much more mobile-friendly. With these tips, your company will be well on its way to making the world wide web a better place. If you are a business owner or marketing director in need of guidance on creating the best website design, contact us. We are here to ensure that your website is designed to fit your users’ needs.