Marketing Xpand Fest: An Infographic

As a recent graduate from UNCA and having majored in Art and New Media, I usually approached projects from a designer’s perspective. However, this was the first time I started looking at a design from a marketing perspective.

I recently created an infographic for a company that provides arts and therapeutic opportunities for underserved individuals and communities. In an effort to support these goals, the company organized a festival that would encourage communication within the community and promote positive transformations through creativity and the arts. I attempted to design an infographic that would serve as a good marketing vehicle for the company’s current project and also explain their goals. My infographic was split into two parts. One part listed the numbers from the previous year’s festival (e.g. how many people attended, how many vendors, how much money raised etc). The other part illustrated the company’s tips on how to be a successful event organizer.

Both parts of the infographic not only described the event and recommendations for setting up such an even, but they also highlight the strengths of the company. For example, one of the tips for being a successful event organizer was having a good understanding of the event’s goals and making sure that these goals aligned with the intended audience. In addition, showing the success of the previous year’s event, illustrates the achievements of the company and highlights their ability to accomplish both their, and their clients’ goals.