Why We Like Shopify

shopify ecommerce website design

When considering a platform for the development of a client’s website, whether he or she wants their current site re-designed, or they don’t have a website at all, we always take into consideration the level of support provided, how it can meet our needs as developers, and how it meets the needs of both the client and their potential customers or users.

When it comes to ecommerce (online buying and selling or electronic commerce) we typically suggest 2 platform options: Shopify or WordPress with WooCommerce. While both are beneficial in their own way, this post focuses on the benefits of using Shopify as your ecommerce platform. Below are 5 reasons we like Shopify as an online selling platform, and why you will too.

  1. FREE Themes:

While Shopify offers over 50 stunningly designed themes for purchase, typically ranging between $100 to $200, they also offer 10 free themes (and we know everyone likes free stuff!). When browsing themes you want to make sure you choose a theme that not only presents an appealing design layout, but one that will present your products well.

Does your company and/or brand tell a more personal story? Then a theme layout which is designed for product or brand storytelling would provide ample space for text, and strategic placement of images in a way that connects with the customer and communicates your story.

Are you wanting to really highlight products in a bold, eye catching way? Instead of a narrative style theme, you may want to consider a grid or minimalist style theme that displays your products front and center. These themes provide little room for descriptive text, which allows you to display large, high quality photos in attractive and creative ways.

Shopify’s free themes do have limited customizing capabilities, so if you’re looking for a more robust, customized ecommerce site you should consider their paid themes which come with more features. However, if you’re wanting a fairly simple but still very attractive design, then the free themes are a great budget-friendly way to go.