Why Your Website is Your Best Salesman

Nobody can sell your audience quite like your website. After all, it is speaking for you 24/7. Think about it this way—in the digital world, your website is who your visitor meets first. So whether or not your website can sell is the basis for whether or not you’ll achieve success online. In this blog, we’re going to show you why your website is your best salesman and what you can do to make sure it turns visitors into leads, and leads into customers.

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Why Most Websites Don’t Make Money 

In the beginning, a business buys a $10k website from a marketing agency. After some design and copy revisions, the site looks good and reads great. But it never makes any money. And the business owner wonders why the site he or she bought didn’t “perform” like they hoped it would. And although the design is great, it starts to fade as time marches on. The website never became the asset you needed it to be. Now it’s the webpage you hope a serious lead doesn’t see when they seek to do business with you.

Why is this the narrative for so many businesses? Because most websites aren’t built to make money. If you rewind back to the conversation you had when you bought your website, you’ll realize that something was missing. They impressed you with design and copy, but they never showed you how your website was going to be your best salesman.

The reason why your website doesn’t make you money is because it was never designed to make you money—it was designed to just look good. Unfortunately, good looking websites don’t make money. Websites that are set up like salesmen, on the other hand, those websites make money.

Make Your Website Your Best Salesman

So we’ve figured out that if your website isn’t your best salesman, it’s because your website isn’t set up for sales, it’s just set up to look good. If your website looks good but doesn’t make you money, it’s a dud. A cute dud, but a dud nevertheless. How can you turn your website into your best salesman without spending another $10k on a website? We’re glad you asked.

The number one way to make your website your best salesman is to clearly call your customer to action. It’s shocking the amount of businesses that want their website to make them money, but don’t tell their visitors what to do when they’re on the website. If you aren’t calling your customers to action, and your website isn’t making you money—now you know why!

A good call to action is always near on a good website (either with sticky navigation or found in most every module). It tells your visitor to “Talk to an expert”, or “Buy now”. It doesn’t tell them to “Learn more” or “Get started”, because those calls to action are vague. The greatest quality in a salesman is clarity. With a clear call to action, your website will start to take on the shape of a great salesman.

How to Make Your Call to Action Work 

Surely, a clear call to action isn’t going to take your website from zero to hero. You’re right, it will help, but it won’t get you out of the hole all the way. So this is what you need to do to turn your website into a money making machine. Here’s what you need to understand: your website isn’t formatted in such a way that makes answering your call to action the obvious thing to do. Why isn’t it? Because a designer is never your best salesman…

But you can restructure your website so that it makes answering your call to action the obvious thing to do. Like we realized earlier, your website needs to be clear if it’s going to be your best salesman. Clearly tell your customer how you can help them become a better version of themself. Make your website more about your customer’s ideal world and less about your insecurities as a company. Use your website as a place to overcome your audience’s top objections for doing business with you.

If your website becomes a place where your audience can go to see a better version of themself, you’ll have a website that’s better than your best salesman. And when your website calls your audience to action, it’ll make perfect sense.

The Takeaway

Most websites aren’t that great of salesmen, but that doesn’t have to be the case for your site. Your customer wants to become a better version of themself, and they need your product or service to do it. So show them how you can help and call them to action! Trust us, when you do, your website will stand out in your industry. Your audience will go through the competition on the first page of Google and they’ll pick you. Why? Because your website is the best salesman!