Mastering Enrollment Growth: The Power of an Enrollment Marketing Agency

A newly-enrolled student holds her books in front of a school building

Enrollment marketing services play a key role in turning prospective students into future students. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to identify successful enrollment strategies. That’s where a successful enrollment marketing agency like Greenstone Media can help.

Today we’ll break down exactly what enrollment marketing is, and how an enrollment marketing agency can transform your prospective students into enrolled students.

What is Enrollment Marketing?

Enrollment marketing is how your higher education institution gets students interested, committed, and enrolled. It’s all about getting potential students informed about your institution’s strengths and convincing them that enrolling is the best possible choice for their future.

To succeed at enrollment marketing, you need to understand the unique needs and desires of your prospective students. Once you know the students you’re interested in, you can tailor your marketing efforts toward reaching those students and demonstrating that your institution is the best fit for their needs and skills.

Research, market analysis, and data-driven techniques are the best ways to take the guesswork out of successful marketing, and that’s where an enrollment marketing agency comes in.

What Can An Enrollment Marketing Agency Do For You?

As an institution of higher education, you have a lot to manage when it comes to supporting students and developing new programs. An enrollment marketing agency like Greenstone Media specializes in providing start-to-finish solutions for improving student recruitment efforts so that you don’t have to.

An Agency Understands Student Storytelling

Everyone thinks of themselves as the hero of their own story, and your institution’s job is to convince prospective students that you can help them achieve success in the story of their lives. Your institution’s impressive statistics of success rates and career placement can be effective enrollment marketing tools, but only if you position them correctly.

Just telling prospective students that you have a 90% career placement rate is impressive, but not convincing. Showing prospective students that you have a well-established plan for making them one of those successful 90% gets students registered.

The key thing to remember is that your prospective student is the hero of the story; your institution is the guide that teaches them the skills they need to succeed.

An Agency Can Make Your Website Work For You

Digital attention spans are short in today’s world, and a stressed-out prospective student trying to find the right institution for their needs has a shorter attention span than most. This means that your website needs to capture your viewer’s attention the moment their gaze lands on the page.

The top half of your website’s homepage is what everyone sees first, and it’s the only thing you can guarantee every digital visitor will read. With that in mind, you need to quickly and concisely tell your visitors exactly what your institution can offer them. A quick tagline and statement of what you can offer is what gets your prospective students to stop skimming and start exploring your website.

Once you have a student’s interest, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to take the next step toward enrollment. Whether it’s “Schedule a Visit”, “Enroll Now”, or “Register for an Information Session”, your website needs to show interested students exactly what to do next.

An Agency Creates a Successful Sales Funnel

Successful enrollment marketing doesn’t stop at stories that connect with your future students and beautifully designed websites. A quality enrollment marketing agency will use all possible channels to connect with students. Those channels include digital advertising, social media, email campaigns, and content marketing.

After all, once you have a beautiful website, you still need to get prospective students onto it. That’s where a successful sales funnel comes in. An enrollment marketing agency can look at the gaps in your current sales funnel and help you turn those weaknesses into strengths. They can guide you through creating compelling content that engages prospective students and convinces them to take the next step.

Greenstone Media will help you create repeated positive impressions on prospective students, and collect contact information that can be used to send out engaging email campaigns. With these strategies, you’ll be converting interested prospects into enrolled students in no time!

Are You Ready to Master Your Enrollment Growth?

As an institute of higher education, we know that you’re in this field to support ongoing education and set students up for success in their future careers. Your focus isn’t on maximizing enrollment numbers; it’s about helping students discover their potential. Let us focus on getting students in the door, and you can continue to expand your academic mission of success for every student.

If you’re ready to learn more about partnering with Greenstone Media and what our enrollment marketing solutions can do for you, schedule a free consultation here!